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Feb 24, 2015 5:20:45 PM

Farmland is an attractive asset for many reasons. Whether it is intended for residential development, operating a farm or ranch, or just because someone wants to have open space around their home, there is a lot of land to sell, and KW Farm & Ranch provides the tools to serve this unique market. Farm & Ranch members Gary Steele of the Austin Southwest (Texas) market center and Travis Bard of the Prescott (Ariz.) market center debunk two myths about buying and selling farm/ranchland.

Travis Bard  of the Prescott (Ariz.) market center Travis Bard of the Prescott (Ariz.) market center

The Truth About Farm and Ranch

Myth : Farms and ranches exist only in rural areas.

Truth: Opportunity is available everywhere. Bard sees the opportunities as endless and strong in all market areas. “The definition of ‘ag’ properties is very market specific, thus I feel there is a need in all areas because there is some degree of ‘ag’ everywhere we look.”



Gary Steele  Austin Southwest (Texas) market center Gary Steele
Austin Southwest (Texas) market center



Myth : You have to run an operating farm or ranch if you buy farmland.

Truth: You don’t have to work a farm or ranch to buy one, but you need to know what the rules are cautions Steele: “Many people buy acres of land for reasons other than to run a farm or ranch. Some clients might want space for recreation or to spread out and raise a family. Others may want to buy the land for the purpose of protecting wildlife.” It is important to understand the requirements for wildlife and agriculture exemptions and properly guide your clients to purchase the land that best fits their needs.

About KW Farm & Ranch

KW Farm & Ranch is the rural land division of Keller Williams Realty with a nationwide network of land brokers. KW Farm & Ranch agents are local, accomplished experts in land sales and acquisitions, including: agricultural land, timber land, ranch land, recreational land, equestrian estates, land development, hunting land and other specialties.

“KW Farm & Ranch can lift properties for sellers better than any boutique firm. Boutiques don’t have the resources we do and that is why our clients get more bang for their buck,” Steele exclaims.

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