The KWLS Is Your Listing Service

Mar 23, 2015 4:42:42 PM

By partnering with real estate portals like Zillow and Trulia from the very beginning, Keller Williams has been able to secure agreements that reinforce our core business values. We believe passionately that agents should be able to market your listings how you choose. We built the Keller Williams Listing System (KWLS) to give Keller Williams agents the power of choice – to choose if you want to syndicate your listings and decide how you want position yourself as the expert in your local market.

There has been a lot of discussion about listing syndication following recent developments with the major property portals and multiple listing services (MLSs). Here’s a primer on what the termination of ListHub’s syndication agreements with Trulia and Zillow mean for Keller Williams associates and your clients.

Your listings: What you need to know now

If you choose to syndicate through the KWLS, your listings will continue to appear on Trulia and Zillow after ListHub's listing syndication agreement terminates on April 7, 2015. Keller Williams has been working to set up a direct feed with Zillow Group to guarantee uninterrupted access to listings on both and Agreements remain in place which honor My Listings, My Leads and prevent other agents from being featured on your listings. In most markets, the KWLS feed will trump other sources. Though rare, some MLSs in some markets trump all broker feeds, including the KW feed.

How does the KWLS work?

There are two ways that your listing can flow through syndication. If the KW Connector is available and your market center subscribes, your listing comes from the MLS through the KW Connector into the KWLS. Alternatively, you can directly enter your listing information into the KWLS. Once in the KWLS, you can import additional photos and expand on the listing description. The KWLS then syndicates to more than 300 sites through ListHub. As of April 7, 2015, the KWLS will also syndicate directly to Trulia and Zillow in addition to ListHub's network of syndication partners.

If one of your listings appears on a syndication site and promotes another agent in conflict with the Keller Williams philosophy of My Listings, My Leads, email with the listing information. Just as there are multiple ways for your listing to flow through syndication, there are many potential causes of disconnect in the process. Our support team is here for you! They investigate every reported problem and will work to find a solution.

Why provide a mechanism for syndication?

We are often asked why we provide a mechanism for syndication at all. From the beginning, we wanted to take a stand and provide an avenue for our agents to take control of their listings. You wouldn't allow another agent to put their sign in your yard, would you? If you don’t claim your listings, someone else will, so be sure to claim your free profile! You don’t have to pay for anything on the syndication sites in order to take advantage of My Listings, My Leads. If you do choose to pay for an upgraded subscription, just be sure to measure and track your return on investment to make sure you’re making money from the money that you spend.

Back to business!

We know you didn’t get into real estate to focus on the business of syndication. That’s why we’re here – to protect your listings and ensure that you decide how you market your listings. Now get back to the business of selling homes; we’ve got your back!

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