May 1, 2015 3:49:30 PM

Imagine going on a cold call and walking away with a $6 million transaction. That's what happened to Tosha Corrigan of the Tosha Corrigan by the beachDestin (Fla.) market center. The sale never would have happened if not for the accountability she has to her KW MAPS Mastery coach, Monica Reynolds, which led to her cold calling that day.

“That sale broke a lot of records,” Corrigan says. “It’s the highest priced residential Gulf-front lot ever. When the new house is complete, I’ll be listing the house that the client is currently in."

KW MAPS Coaching changes agents’ businesses and lives because of its intense focus on accountability. “Coaching is a business decision for a businessperson,” says Reynolds, a 20-year coach.

Developed from models Gary Keller laid out in bestselling books like The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, SHIFT, and The ONE Thing, KW MAPS Mastery Coaching is designed for highly motivated individuals looking to take their business to the top.

KW MAPS Coach Monica Reynolds“MAPS coaches take a three-pronged approach with Mastery clients: we coach, consult and train,” said Kate Patulski, who has been coaching since 1997. “Coaching challenges the client to move beyond their current production and see themselves performing at a higher level. It challenges the status quo.”

Through weekly personalized coaching sessions, elite privileges and exclusivity, KW MAPS Mastery Coaching clients receive the insights and clarity they need to boost productivity and profits.

Imagine Outperforming the Market

“Whether you have a strong market or a shifting market, you need coaching,” Reynolds says. “Everyone who has done anything phenomenal, from Michael Phelps to Bill Gates, had a coach. It’s great to have someone who encourages you, gives you reality checks, helps with your skills and team-building and takes a look at your profit-and-loss statements. Why make mistakes when someone can provide a better idea?"

While some may feel less need for coaching when the market's hot, Reynolds says this is precisely the time to differentiate yourself from the competition. “If the market is strong, gobble up as much business as possible by cranking up your lead generation and building your database.”

Headshot of KW MAPS Coach Joe BogarJoe Bogar has been a KW MAPS Mastery coach for six years. He says coaching during a strong market is a smart business strategy. “You have the choice to trend with the market or to trend above the market,” he says. “KW MAPS Coaching helps you trend above the market. By increasing your market share when the market is strong, your business will be better positioned when the market inevitably shifts.”


Patulski says that regardless of market conditions, having a KW MAPS coach is essential to growth and profitability. “If an agent evaluated the number of listings taken or sales in any given month – they would probably find that they missed several opportunities, which equates to money left on the table,” she says. “Opportunities are typically missed because agents experience limiting beliefs. Great coaches challenge us to want to be better agents because they see the best possible versions of ourselves.”

Imagine Increased Productivity

Dana Cox, an associate with the Ellis County (Texas) market center, says KW MAPS Coaching keeps her focused on business and encourages her to work smarter, not harder. “In 2011, I took BOLD and it taught me the basics and habits of becoming a topproducing agent,” she explains. “Two years later, I took BOLD again because I needed something to get me out of my comfort zone so I would keep growing my business.”

Cox realized she was ready to add the next coaching step. “I needed someone to keep me focused and help me think outside the box and keep growing,” she says. “I didn’t want to max out my business at the age of 23. Today, I’m a 25-year-old mega agent and on track to exceed my goal of 52 transactions this year.”

Corrigan began coaching with KW MAPS in 2012 because she wanted to make her real estate career more profitable. "The biggest thing Monica changed for me was my schedule and time-blocking." Corrigan says. "She holds me accountable and it pays off."

For Bogar client Tony Baroni of the Brandon (Fla.) market center, Mastery Coaching helped him increase productivity by staying focused on his role and the role of his team members.

“My business had grown 336 percent in 12 months and I really needed a KW MAPS coach to help me with building my team and to keep me accountable on a weekly basis,” he says. “It’s one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Keller Williams associate Kelly Hagglund of the Portland Premiere (Ore.) market center, has been in KW MAPS coaching for five years. She attended a BOLD Experience, and it seemed like the right thing for her to put herself under this type of accountability. Coaching with KW MAPS Coaching has benefited Hagglund by creating accountability and providing valuable mentoring.

“If you want to grow your business and be profitable, KW MAPS coaching is the ONE Thing that will get you there,” she says. “I am very passionate and motivated. Having a KW MAPS coach keeps me on track.”

Imagine Amplified Profitability

As with any business investment, coaching clients think of coaching in terms of ROI. “KW MAPS Coaching has helped me more than double my earnings,” Corrigan said. “Last year, I did $8.2 million, and this year, we’ve closed over $20 million so far.”

“We are on track to surpass our 2014 goal,” Hagglund concurred. “KW MAPS Coaching helped me see that in my heart of hearts it was all right to make money.”

Cox has learned that smart investments in her business pays dividends. “I am spending more money now than ever in my business and making more money than ever before,” she says. "I cut spending on all the little shiny objects in real estate because it is really about the basics and picking up the phone and calling your sphere.

With the assistance and encouragement of his coach, Baroni grew his team, which in turn grew his profits. “KW MAPS Mastery Coaching has made me more profitable by knowing what each member of my team needs to focus on each day and allowing me to focus on my 20 percent,” he said.

Headshot of KW MAPS Coach Kate PatulskiBefore she became a coach, Patulski was a coaching client. “I remember when I first hired a coach,” she reflected. “It was in the early 1990s and the investment to have a coach was practically the same as it is today. I was a single mother not making a lot of money and nervous about the commitment. My coach saw me differently than I saw myself. He helped me keep my emotions between the lines and focus on the things that would give me the biggest return in my business. That relationship has been one of the most pivotal in my career.”

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