Real Estate Is a Contact Sport – How to Win the Game

May 27, 2015 4:50:03 PM

Distractions at work not only reduce productivity, they negatively impact your earning potential. As a real estate agent, your business is fueled by lead generation. You literally cannot afford to be distracted when you are lead generating. By understanding the BOLD Law, “All work expands to fill the time allowed,” and time-blocking to lead generate, you can deflect distractions and focus on getting more leads. This is critical for your business because real estate is a contact sport - the more contacts you make, the more money you earn. And remember: you're the referee of your time.

Your Challenge

Make 20 contacts in two hours every day. Once you mastered that, do as the millionaire real estate agents do and take it up to three to four hours of lead generation each day.

Your Game Plan

To start, give yourself two hours to make 20 contacts each day. If you carve out a certain amount of time to complete a dedicated task, you will complete it in the time allocated. You will want to work up to time-blocking three to four hours each day for lead generation.

Time-block your calendar for two hours every morning of lead generation time. If you need to move the time-block, don’t delete it, just move it to another spot in the day. It is important to commit to lead generation activities every day. To help you stay focused, follow these seven tips:

  1. Make certain your staff and your family knows your schedule.
  2. Control your interruptions: Leave your cell phone out of reach; turn off email alert messages on your computer; put your phone on "Do Not Disturb" mode; close your door and place a door hanger or a note reminding people not to interrupt.
  3. Buy a chess clock and use it during your lead generation time. The right side is for making calls, the left side for any other time. See how much time you are actually on the phone.
  4. Make certain your schedule is realistic for you and something that is accomplishable.
  5. Have an accountability partner and make sure they hold you accountable and vice versa.
  6. Take a 10-minute break every hour and walk around to regroup and reenergize.
  7. Make certain you have a start and end time for lead generation and keep to it! Treat it like a listing appointment.

Take the first step toward winning the game and let the world know you are committed to distraction-free lead generation every day.

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We want to hear from you on how you stay on track during your lead generation time. Tell us in the comments what you do to get your 20 contacts every day.

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