Capture FSBOs and Expired Real Estate Listings

Jul 17, 2015 2:34:34 PM

For sale by owner sign at house FSBO

Have you ever landed a FSBO? Do you regularly find gold in your expired listings? If not, the tips and tricks discussed at Family Reunion 2015 by KW MAPS Coach Jackie Kravitz and agents Kelly Henderson, David Hill, Mary Hufendick and Gene Arant can help you convert more FSBOs and expired real estate listings to close more transactions.

There are several unique opportunities and challenges when working with FSBO and expired listings. With the right tools, you can capture and unleash the power of FSBOs and expired listings in your area!

“Before becoming a coach, I sold real estate in Fort Lauderdale for many years, and my entire business was FSBOs and expireds,” Kravitz says. “I sold 120 to 125 homes a year. FSBOs and expireds are an incredible source of business. Once you learn the skills to communicate with them, you’ll make a fortune.”

Phoenix-based Henderson made landing a FSBO her goal the fifth time she took BOLD. She secured her first listing the day before graduation and ultimately worked with her MAPS coach to create a script for FSBOs that felt more personalized and authentic to her style as a numbers person.

For her market, Henderson found that houses in 2014 sold for 12 percent higher, not including commissions, when listed with an agent.

Her script begins: “I’m calling to see if your house is still for sale. I work with a lot of FSBOs in your area. I’ve found on average that sellers net $39,000 more with an agent than sellers do on their own.”

From there, she takes them through the rest of her five-step process, including:

-Objection Handling

-Providing an item of value, like a buyer inventory list

-A handwritten thank-you card followed by a postcard one week later

-Put contact in eEdge and 8x8 campaign geared toward FSBOs

Hufendick, an Inside Sales Associate in Beaverton, Oregon, lead generates all day long, with a special script for expired listings: “I notice your home is no longer active on MLS. I’m calling to see if you’re still planning on getting that home sold. What is your agent going to do differently to get your home sold this time?”

Are you interested in tapping into the listing potential with FSBOs and expired listings? Click here to Register for Keller Williams University's Family Reunion Encore webinar presentation on July 23 at 1 p.m. CST.

*Note: The article previously stated the webinar was on July 21. The correct date of the webinar is July 23. We have corrected this information in the article.

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