Building Value One Brick at a Time

Aug 17, 2015 4:56:17 PM

Keller Williams President John Davis led a panel discussion with leadership from the Overland Park Market Center about how they are using the systems and models of the Growth Initiative to build a wall of value in their market center.

Operating Principal (OP) Steve Johns of the Overland Park (Kan.) market center shared that it's important to get out of temporary emotion and drama. By focusing on value, his market center was able to get the agents to focus on what matters - their production, GCI and goals. It removes drama from the business, and that’s something that permeates throughout the entire market center.

How did the Overland Park Market Center get to focusing on value?

Live From Mega Camp

Johns says the first thing you need to do to build value is to get the right leadership in place that buys into the value. Make sure the message is aligned. "Same language, same buy in. Be on the same bus," he said. Once the right leadership team was in place, his market center was able to speak to mega agents and truly show their value.

Team Leader Lucas Sherraden added: “The Growth Initiative let us diagnose which systems weren’t working right. We could see how we compared to the market. With things like the Language of Real Estate (LORE), we had tracks to run on. We were effective with larger agents, because that was the language they were speaking. LORE isn’t emotional, it’s just results.”

Sherraden also shared that at first, his team only implemented the LORE, and while growth was up, attendance for team training was down. “You cannot run full speed if you do partial platforms. You need to be all in. Choose to master it.” Sherraden continued to get on the weekly Growth Initiative calls to ensure that he was mastering all the tools and systems being taught.

MCA Brad Warriner added that talking to agents about their business engages them in their business. He recommended identifying a feature that you can share to help their business – whether that was a contest, BOLD, Ignite or any other training. “Focus on their options, not their problems. Agents figure out how to play the game, and they’re not going anywhere.”

Davis summed up the panel by asking: “When all of your needs are being met in a relationship, where do you go?” Tell us in the comments!

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