Setting Appointments for Growth and Profit

Aug 17, 2015 5:03:15 PM

You create your solutions by getting into business with the right people.

Keller Williams President John Davis who enthusiastically leads the growth initiative, which has steered the company on an unprecedented growth trajectory, led a power-packed panel with market center leaders from the Carmel Valley Market Center in San Diego to discuss the benefits of focusing on appointments.

Keller Williams CEO Chris Heller is also the OP of the Carmel Called market center. On the panel, Heller shifted from moderator to panelist and was joined by Team Leader (TL), Jerimiah Taylor, and MCA Jude Pacua to address Davis’ questions on appointments and market center growth.

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"How has focusing on appointments affected you personally?"

“It’s the appointments that lead to gross that lead to net that lead to profit,” Heller said of the importance of appointments. As an OP, it personally affected him in that it was knocking down the first domino and it would translate to all those other areas. Heller feels confident knowing that the appointments lead to profits, which also help his business partner.

As a Team Leader, Taylor is the one actually doing the activity and setting goals. Taylor set his sights high and focuses on his goal of 50 appointments per month, exceeding the 40 appointments per month recommended by the “Do the Two” model in the growth initiative. Taylor said that his focus on appointments made him more valid with mega agents. He and his mega agents were focusing on the same activities and running their businesses the same. Taylor also shared his numbers with his ALC and kept himself accountable to those appointments and conversions.

Pacua has seen his market center grow from 60 agents to almost 400. With all this growth, she has actually seen her personal stress level, and that of those around her, decrease. “As we grow, we have the budget to hire more people who can specialize and do what they are good at. When you go faster, it gets easier and appointments are the gas in the vehicle.”

In closing, Taylor shared, “For a TL, can you think of any problem 10 more cappers wouldn’t solve? You create your solutions by getting into business with the right people.”

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