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Aug 18, 2015 3:30:00 PM


Day two of Mega Leadership camp concluded with Diana Kokoszka leading a panel with Chris Heller, John Davis and Mary Tennant to discuss leadership insights. The conversation focused on leading by example and being a great leader as the means to developing and recruiting great leaders.

The key qualities the panel shared to being a great leader:

  1. Determine why you want to be a leader. Do you want the center stage, or do you want to build other people up? “The most successful leaders aren’t the ones in the middle putting their arms around everyone. They’re in the back, putting their people first,” says Tennant. Leadership is not about being in the spotlight.
  2. Lead by example to add value. Look at agents in your market center, look at what you are doing to ensure they are getting what they need for their business. Don’t just tell an agent to lead generate to improve their business, actually go out and lead generate and lead by example.
  3. Be consistent. As Tennant states, “You cannot be a great leader from 8-5 and then be a poor example of a human being on the weekends. You’ve gotta walk your walk and talk your talk.” Don’t have good intentions; live with intentionality
  4. Have loyalty to others. Great leaders put other people’s needs above their own. When you do everything you can to build up others, you can’t help but build up yourself too.
  5. Be a student of leadership. As a leader, the best lessons you learn are when you fail. There are leadership lessons in every situation, and you need to have the mindset to look for the lessons and learn. Remember that as a student of leadership, there are always more lessons to learn.

By studying leadership, you can truly develop great leaders by growing the team you are serving. “There is no company without people. When you focus on your people, you’re focusing on your company,” says Davis. The higher you go in leadership, the bigger your team, the more people you serve.

Live From Mega Camp

Growing the team you serve through the Growth Initiative gives you the opportunity to speak to productive agents in your market. Listen to their story and determine how you can add value to their business. Recruiting productive agents allows you to leverage their market share, which will add value to everyone.

Tennant concluded by saying, “If you want to get rich – and by rich I mean the people you love and the lives you’ve changed, not your bank account, you need love and passion for the success of the people around you. Forget about yourself. Decide you’re going to change other lives, and put whatever you have to in those other lives, and you will succeed.”

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