Lead Generate the Roof Off Open Houses

Sep 15, 2015 10:07:47 AM

Open houses can pack a big opportunity for lead generation into a few hours on a Sunday afternoon. If you leverage these events correctly, you’ll be increasingly finding and converting more leads. During Family Reunion 2015, agents Chris Suarez, Kasia Olek, Judy Teasley and Laurie Reader offered their best advice for tapping into the lead-generation power of open houses. And they are going to share it all with you.

open-sign.tile_.pngOlek, who started her career in Tulsa, Oklahoma, without knowing a single person, used open houses to build her business from the start.

Today, 28 percent of her closed business is linked directly to open houses, proving her models and processes truly work. “I treat each open house like a shop,” she says. “The intention is to convert at least one piece of right-now business from every open house. Everyone else that comes I put into the database.”

Open House Best Practices

Olek’s has a holistic open-house process based in best practices:

-On Monday, let client know their open house is Sunday

-Advertise all week long on every website and social media platform

-Call past clients who live nearby and ask them to bring people they know to drive traffic

-On Thursday or Friday, sign goes up in front of the home advertising the open house

-On the day, post directional signs at every neighborhood entrance and corner

-Show up early to knock doors and get as many neighbors to show up as possible

Participation Required

Agents on the panel said to make open houses part of the job description and not just something that happens when you have free time. South Florida-based Reader and her team host 175 to 200 open houses per year and all agents participate, buyer and listing specialists included.

Have a Plan

Knoxville, Tennessee-based Teasley plans open houses a month in advance. “We have a little get together ahead of time so the seller knows how it’s going to go,” she says. She also runs ads in the local newspaper on Saturday and Sunday. calendar-planning-300x208.png

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