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Sep 25, 2015 9:37:59 AM


R4W_Gilbert_wMo_130220_0514.pngNearly 8,000 Keller Williams associates were introduced to the Gazelle Foundation and its incredible founder, Gilbert Tuhabonye, on the main stage at Family Reunion 2013’s Inspirational Brunch.

On stage, Mo Anderson, Vice-Chairman of the Board and champion of the Keller Williams culture, interviewed Gilbert about his inspiring story of perseverance and life’s mission to give back to the community where he almost lost his life.

Gilbert grew up in Burundi, Africa during a civil war. Each day he would run six miles to get water for his family. Running became his one passion despite his country’s impoverished situation. It would also save him for the horrific fate of his peers. Because of his strong, innate ability to run, Gilbert narrowly escaped death when he and many children and families were enclosed in a church that the enemy tribe set on fire. He ran away and was the lone survivor.

Out of this tragic event, Gilbert turned his joy of running into a mission to help his people. One of the poorest countries on earth, most people in rural Burundi walk over two miles for untreated water from streams and puddles, often shared with livestock. Illness from waterborne infections is high, and a major factor in limiting access to education and economic stability.

Through clean water projects, the Gazelle Foundation offers a first step in breaking the vicious cycle of poverty in Burundi. Since 2009, the organization has constructed 22 water systems spanning over 70 miles providing first-time access to clean water to more than 40,000 villagers.

Gilbert received a standing ovation from the Keller Williams audience at Family Reunion. Now, it’s time to stand up again.

The Gazelle Foundation’s Run for the Water is the only event that is transforming lives in Burundi, Africa one runner at a time. Simply by registering you will provide clean water for one Burundian for LIFE. To participate in the global run or join the Keller Williams Team in Austin, click below to register.

"My friends, join us today as we continue our mission in transforming lives in Burundi." - Gilbert Tuhabonye


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