Don’t Be Left Out! Learn to Harvest Mega Agent Expansion

Nov 18, 2015 10:17:48 AM

For Keller Williams Mega Agent Jason Abrams, of Farmington Hills, Mich., the case for expansion comes down to one simple question he recommends all agents ask: “What are you currently doing that is lower-lying fruit than this [expansion]?”

Abrams says: "If you’re honest about your business and your market center, you’ll realize the answer is ‘nothing.’”

“Expansion is your chance to be on the cutting edge of something. Right now, we’re counting expansion agents in the hundreds, but it’s going to be in the thousands," he says. "If you leave this opportunity on the table, you are walking away from the single greatest opportunity for a real estate agent since licensing.”

Abrams, star of “Scoring the Deal” on HGTV, has a very successful expansion business with his business partner Brian Gubernick. Their expansion real estate business covers Michigan; Scottsdale, Ariz.; Seattle; Portland, Ore.; San Diego, Calif.; and Riverside County, Calif. LaKeller-Williams-Associate-Jason-Abrams.jpgst year, they earned $1.6 million in GCI at their expansion locations alone.

The idea for expansion took root when Gubernick, who specializes in short sales, and Abrams, who focuses on luxury, joined forces to put their specialties to work in new marketplaces.

The Keller Williams expansion models and systems are the ones you’ll learn about in Expansion Systems Orientation (ESO). “These models allow you to do it faster and more profitably,” Abrams says. “You already know how to lead generate in a marketplace. These systems help you go after that low-lying fruit, so you can open anywhere in the United States and do 50 transactions within 18 months. That’s the beauty of expanding.”

Abrams compares expansion to the increased profitability that would come from owning two businesses instead of one.

“If you do 36 transactions at an average sales price of $350,000, the hub can net $100,000,” he says. “If you think about how startups on expansion teams are so low because you’re leveraging what you have, that means you can have one in every Keller Williams office in the system. Say you get 600 offices. Consider the math on that. It’s $60 million.”

The ESO course also includes information on how to find expansion partners, excel at communication from the hub, and how to use technology and accountability to motivate agents in all expansion locations.

“If you’re an agent and you’re not thinking of yourself as an expansion agent, you need to broaden your horizons,” Abrams says. “This is where it’s at. You need to get to ESO so you understand what this opportunity is.”

Are you ready to get started? 2016 ESO dates will be released on the KWRI events website soon.

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