Introducing the Keller Personality Assessment

Feb 15, 2016 6:40:13 PM

“Understanding a candidate’s unique talents and personality traits helps you align their personal goals with your business growth,” said John Davis, president of Keller Williams, during the State of Your Company address at Family Reunion.

With Davis’ thoughts in mind, Keller Williams has completed development of a new behavioral tool, the KPA (Keller Personality Assessment), for all KW agents.

The KPA is an enhanced behavioral assessment that measures personality traits and cognitive thinking abilities.

“It’s not just about finding talent. It’s about finding the right talent,” said Chris Heller, CEO of Keller Williams.

And, the KPA is designed to help Keller Williams’ market center leadership and agents who are building teams get into business with the right people. The new tool also serves as a valuable resource to help manage, motivate and communicate with team members after they’ve joined an agent’s team.

“The KPA is a better tool and it’s better suited to today’s agents and teams,” said Davis.

“It’s also a better value,” said Heller.

Today, market centers and agents spend $250 for each AVA assessment, in addition to paid DISC subscriptions. With the release of the KPA, when a Market Center subscribes, every agent and staff member in the office will have access to unlimited KPAs. This unlimited monthly subscription will be only $500.


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