Keller Williams Agent Production Is at an All-time High

Mar 29, 2017 10:32:05 AM

Remarkable Growth

As the first quarter comes to a close, agent production at Keller Williams is at an all-time high!

In February 2017, Keller Williams agents:

  • Served 60,796 families, which generated $16.9 billion in closed sales volume
  • Secured 79,540 contracts written, worth over $22.3 billion in volume
  • Earned a record-setting $443.8 million in gross commission income, up 14.9 percent from February 2016

How were these staggering results achieved? By leveraging the Career Growth Initiative, or CGI: a proven path to success.

What is the CGI?

KW Agent Using CGI on ComputerA fully aligned set of systems, tools and conversations, the CGI is a production system for every agent at every level of business. Since its release in the summer of 2016, the CGI has helped Keller Williams agents realize their “big why,” set production goals and then formulate a plan to achieve them.

Every Monday, agents are invited to attend a live conference call where they’re inspired by the powerful stories shared by fellow associates about how the CGI has transformed their businesses and changed their lives.

“We’re fully automated now”

For Renee Miller, owner of the Lifestyle Network Home Team out of the Keller Williams Maple Grove market center in Minnesota, the CGI Calculator has allowed her to automate her tracking system so she can continuously stay plugged into her team’s goals, activities and results. In the past year, she has experienced a remarkable 259 percent increase in closed sales volume.

“We’re automated. We know our numbers inside out, what we need to hit and are committed to getting there,” Miller says.  

“My business has grown by over 175 percent”

12-year real estate veteran Andy Youngmark  has also experienced success with the CGI. After implementing the CGI tools, he saw his business grow by over 175 percent

Prior to joining Keller Williams in 2014, Youngmark was experiencing a chaotic roller coaster ride in his business. He knew he had to make a change. Since making the move, Youngmark has learned how to run his business like a business. He now enjoys a sustainable and predictable business with the support of a successful team. “The CGI has shown me that hard work pays off. It not only gives me the numbers I need, but the confidence as well,” says the Huntington Beach, California-based agent. 

In 2016, the CGI helped him reach his biggest goal yet – bringing his wife onboard the business. This has renewed his energy for the future and excitement to lead.  “As a leader, it is my job to cast a vision and hold us accountable to that goal. The CGI helps keep goals in front of our team and holds us accountable.”

“The CGI is allowing us to make the lives of our children better”

By using the CGI tools, Steve Horn and his wife Lisa are able to better manage their business and spend time on the activities that produce results. They particularly enjoy the accountability the CGI Calculator provides. “Before using the CGI Calculator, we didn’t have any accountability and had no idea what our true numbers were. It was easy to hide and not admit how poorly things were going.”

In six weeks alone, the couple was able to hit $72,000 in gross commission income – an astounding figure considering their previous year’s total was $75,000. They are overwhelmed at the impact the CGI has made for their family.  

“The CGI is changing our lives. I have five daughters, which means five weddings to pay for. By focusing on the business, we can get one wedding paid for this year and make the lives of our children better,” Horn reflects.  

“I went from $20,000 in gross commission income to $100,000 in four years with the CGI”

After the tragic loss of her husband of 24 years, Leslie Porter became the sole breadwinner for her family of four overnight. 

Success was no longer an option but a requirement, and so she immediately adopted the CGI. “The CGI helps me dig deeper into my business so I can analyze exactly what I need to do to reach my goals,” Porter says.

Porter is specifically fond of the Pipeline Tool, which she uses to track her leads. “The Pipeline Tool creates proper urgency around a client. It brings clarity to who I need to follow up with and where we are at with the process.”

As a result, she can be extremely intentional with her limited time. “I can focus on what is important and the one thing I have to do with each person in my pipeline as I move forward. I know the number of listings I need per month and the number of calls I need to make daily to meet my goals for the year.”

Your success begins now

These stories are from agents just like you. Each will admit that they haven’t figured out everything, but they have made the decision to “give it a go,” and as a result of their commitment to growth, they are transforming their businesses.

It can start with the implementation of just one tool or attendance on one CGI call. Calls are held each Monday at 1 p.m. CT.

Ask your market center leadership how you can join!


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