KW Cultural Summit Honors More Than 70 New Cultural Torchbearers

Feb 18, 2018 9:47:46 PM

With the casting of Vice Chairman Mo Anderson’s 2006 vision to build an army of culture builders and keepers, 2018 marks the 12th annual Cultural Summit where two Cultural Ambassadors from each region around the world are celebrated. This year’s event was held on Sunday, Feb. 18, 2018, at Family Reunion in Anaheim, Calif.

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Mo Anderson and Kay Evans, co-chairs of the Cultural Summit, continue to cultivate and nurture an ever-stronger KW culture. Mo dreams of an army of thousands of Cultural Ambassadors, championing the WI4C2TS at all times in their professional and personal lives. She defines the Keller Williams culture as “the predetermined way we will treat each other,” and adds, “it’s doing something right without being recognized for it.”

At the annual event to celebrate the company’s singular culture, standout leaders are given the lifetime designation of Cultural Ambassador. Their stories exemplify what it means to live the mission, vision and values of the company, and their actions are changing the world.

Led by Kay Evans and Vanessa Pollock, a 2014 ambassador whose “Care. Serve. Give.” and “Closing for a Cause” initiatives have spread globally, the summit ceremony honored and inducted more than 70 new ambassadors into the troop of ever-growing culture keepers. Nominated anonymously by peers and market center leaders, Cultural Ambassadors steward and protect the culture at the highest level. A few highlights from among this year’s inductees include:

Jesse Dill, Northwest Region

The death of Dill’s brother-in-law spurred the launch of KW Red Notes, which has become a viral, companywide, and culture-building movement. Anonymous notes of encouragement and support are used to build others up and spread joy far and wide.

Matthew Talafuse, Colorado Region

As an Iraq veteran, Talafuse envisioned a designated support, networking and referral consortium for all active duty and military veterans at Keller Williams. The group has swelled to over 600 members and has its own trademarked KW military logo. Now, instead of uniforms, KW veterans don their red and work together to serve their community, as well as one another.

Sema Kosar, Turkey

When two associates passed away, both fathers of young children, Kosar helped inspire fellow associates in the market center to allocate a portion of each transaction to their families. “My goal is to create a feeling of belonging for these children,” offered Kosar. “I hope they’ll have confidence in knowing that Keller Williams is their family.”

President and CEO John Davis stepped to the microphone to honor the new ambassadors, and author Clint Swindall encouraged the crowd with his motivating talk on the power of leaving a legacy. As the inductees made their way across the stage, Evans gave them this powerful charge: “You have been selected to lead cultural growth by mentoring others, by striving to serve on the ALC, and by finding associates in need of KW Cares grants. Thank you for contributing to a culture that no one ever wants to leave.” Pollock chimed in, “From this moment on, you are the torch carriers for our culture!”

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Mo, recovering from the flu at home, watched online and cheered the ambassadors with her signature brand of enthusiasm and encouragement.

“Through the Cultural Summit, we are building an army of cultural soldiers. Those who build, nurture and protect our unique and precious culture. We are so grateful for all of these outstanding, caring, giving and sharing agents,” she emphasized.

Take a look at KW culture in action! 

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