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Aug 15, 2018 6:36:14 PM

As a real estate agent, you provide a valuable service to your customers. Your understanding of your local market and ability to lead clients through all stages of the home ownership journey is priceless. To protect your place at the center of the real estate transaction, it’s critical now more than ever to differentiate your unique selling proposition and provide more value than ever before.

One way to do this is by leveraging Keller Mortgage, “A company willing to take less, so that you can take more,” according to Keller Williams co-founder and CEO Gary Keller. 

By offering a way for associates to help save their clients thousands of dollars without sacrificing any of their commission, Keller Mortgage is an innovative way to create significant value for consumers. Since its launch in March 2017, Keller Mortgage has already saved clients more than $12 million with it’s ZeroPlus loan and their service record speaks for itself:


“Keller Mortgage is allowing us to help KW associates grow their business in a completely different way,” says Adam Berzsenyi, CEO, Keller Mortgage. “Our ZeroPlus loan is exclusive to KW transactions and offers zero lender fees plus a $1,000 credit if the mortgage is over $150,000. It is not only making our associates even more competitive in the field, it really has their clients’ best interests in mind.”

The table below demonstrates where cash savings for consumers are achieved when using Keller Mortgage.

Consumer Savings Comparison Table

Clients Win

Christina Lopez of Burleson, Texas, is a consumer that has experienced the benefits of Keller Mortgage. Within 30 days, she and her husband were able to close on their new home and save $5,400 in the process.

“Previous lenders were unorganized and scattered. What they were telling us was different than what was in writing. This was not the case with Keller Mortgage. They were transparent, prompt and willing to help out with costs. The buying process was smooth from start to finish.”

After moving just two years prior, Lopez is thankful for her KW agent, Jordan Davis, and the lenders at Keller Mortgage.

“The purchase of a home is an emotional process. You’re giving up one for another, but having a supportive KW agent and mortgage company to guide you through makes all the difference.”

Associates Win

Davis, lead agent at The Davis Team, speaks to how Keller Mortgage hasn’t only been a game changer for her clients like Lopez, but for agents as well.

“Keller Mortgage is helping us get buyers off the fence and into a home,” she says. “It has given our buyers a step up in a multiple offer situation. In the Dallas metroplex area, we’re seeing 8-10 offers on homes $200,000 or less. Keller Mortgage has allowed these buyers to take closing costs they would be paying and secure the offer. Because of this, our team is winning one in three out of those multiple offers we put in and puts money back in the agents’ pockets. Keller Mortgage is helping us close more deals.”

Keller Mortgage has also provided Davis and her team with a touch point for prospects in their sphere who aren’t in the market for a home.

“We’re talking to our sphere about how they can refinance with zero closing costs through Keller Mortgage. This is especially beneficial for those who didn’t have a good interest rate when they purchased a home. With a lower interest rate, they can refinance and see instant savings.”

Now is the Time

More than just a great loan, which saves buyers thousands per transaction, it’s a tool that allows you to build a stronger relationship with your clients and offer them an end-to-end real estate experience. Not only is it your fiduciary duty to introduce them to a way to save thousands, it’s the seamless experience they’re already looking for. And now, more than ever, it’s easier to access, share and track your client’s actions on the go via Kelle, your personal AI assistant.

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