Day 1: Family Reunion 2018 [Live Coverage]

Feb 17, 2018 1:04:43 PM

Day 1

Follow the KW Blog for all the announcements, excitements and happenings here in Anaheim, Calif., at Family Reunion 2018! We'll be updating throughout the day, so check back frequently and see what's new. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for live stories and even more fun!

4:48 PM PST

That's a wrap on Day 1! Tune in tomorrow for live coverage of the Vision Speech and more!

4:30 PM PST

For the rest of the Keynote, Gary will go over a few concepts from Quantum Leap on wealth. "If you don't have a purpose in life, you can't be rich," says Gary. "If you don't know what you want out of your life, you will never have enough money. Wealth is a state of mind."

And, creating a wealth mindset is not as complicated as it seems. It boils down to understanding a few fundamental truths about investing and the nature of money.

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4:12 PM PST

Jay and Wendy Papasan join Gary to discuss wealth building. They started from humble roots, with a Toyota Tercel they shared that later caught fire (everyone was OK!), but they had big dreams.

"We set these huge goals: To own 10 rental properties and earn $75,000 a year in passive income and become net-worth millionaires," says Wendy. "At the time, I thought it was crazy." Through a focus on wealth building, they turned their first house into a rental property. "Each step felt like a giant step. In retrospect, it happened really fast," says Jay. 

They quickly grew beyond rental properties and Wendy started a real estate business to add to their portfolio. Within eight years, they had grown beyond their initial goals.

3:58 PM PST

Joe Bogar and Abraham Shreve take the stage to talk coaching and common challenges. So, what's the number one challenge they encounter when coaching agents?

"Not being consistent," says Joe.

"We under-lead our people. We don't hold them accountable because it feels like micromanagement," explains Abraham. 

What's their advice for success?

"There's not a magic pill. It's mastering the fundamentals. You never get away from the fundamentals," says Joe.

"People who are hungry for success introduce people into their lives that will create discomfort," says Abraham. In summary: Hire a KW MAPS Coach!

3:36 PM PST

Karina Loken hunts for top talent to join The Loken Group. She looks for people who are intelligent, driven, maintain a high sense of urgency and, are team playes – above all else. Once she narrows down candidates, she sends them an online assessment. How fast they send it back determines their sense of urgency and helps to inform the hiring decision.

"We hire from outside of real estate. We're looking for people with a corporate background," Karina says. Because her organization maintains a business mindset, it allows for a more seamless transition.

3:23 PM PST

Jen Davis is a buyer's agent on The Dan Holt Team. She believes that buyers don't want to see everything – they want you to be the expert  so she only shows three homes total.

If a buyer wants to look at 10 houses, she says, "We can do that, but by the time we look at houses 4 through 10, any one or all of the first three will be gone and everything else will be your second choice. Are you okay with that?"

3:11 PM PST

Taylor Kerrigan joins Gary and Jay on stage to talk about leverage. As director of operation for Jeff Glover & Associates, the number one leverage challenge she sees is agents hiring out of desperation instead of proactively looking for talent. 

Take the time to find the right people with the right vision and always plan ahead. Taylor explains, "I look for talent every single day."

2:58 PM PST

Kevin Blain decided to go all in on internet leads with his team of ISAs (inbound sales associates).

Once an ISA receives an online lead, they contact them within 90 seconds. To ensure this level of responsiveness, he has six ISAs and makes sure there is coverage from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. and over the weekends. The key to the success of his ISAs? BTOP: Building Trust Over the Phone. This happens through practicing proven scripts.

2:42 PM PST

Justin Seeby has focused his business on reviews – specifically, gamifying reviews. He conducts giveaways whereby every time a client completes a review on a given site, they receive an entry to win a prize, such as an iPad. The drawing is then conducted on Facebook via video, making it a dynamic social event.

2:31 PM PST

Kenny Klaus has built his business on geographic farming and believes his goal is for people to get to know him, remember him, and understand that he and his team are the local experts.

Recently, he conducted a food drive in conjunction with an open house, dropping off paper bags with his company's charity logo printed on it. He asked neighbors to fill the bags with canned goods and drop them off at the open house if they'd like to participate.

"Success in real estate is a contact sport," says Kenny. That means leveraging unique ways to get face-to-face with your farm.

2:18 PM PS

David Huffaker has a specific system for door-knocking around an open house to establish him and his team as the local experts. He recommends three asks:

  • Do you know anyone looking to make a move to the neighborhood?
  • If we were to get several offers, would you be interested in selling your house?
  • When you think of real estate, who do you trust?

When they can't answer the last question, David responds, "Can we earn that right?"

2:09 PM PST

Chris Suarez has five specific levers for lead generation: open houses, door-knocking, circle prospecting, FSBOs, and expireds. He's figured out precisely how many doors to knock, how many open houses to hold, and how many expireds to call in order to exceed his overall goals.

The key is getting systematic, knowing and tracking your numbers, and persistence. 

2:00 PM PST

According to Peter Chabris, it's important to earn the right to win referrals by providing a great experience before, during and after closing. What's critical is to create a strategic communication system so that every client has a world-class customer experience  every time.

He's grown his business 33 percent by tapping his database using a 45 Touch communication system. Peter says, "Until you've got your database dialed in, there's nothing else to master."

1:55 PM PST

"When we have high touch with our database, we're in control. Relationships beat everything." - Gary Keller, #KWFR2018

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The first panel is kicking off talking about lead generation. Client events like movie nights cement the relationship and give you another touch point to build a face-to-face relationship. Laura Gillott explains, "They're not going to see a free movie and get free popcorn and put someone else's sign in their yard." 

1:40 PM PST

He's back in black! Gary Keller takes the stage along with Jay Papasan and an expert panel. According to Gary, the goal of today's keynote presentation is to "figure out what's going on and what to do."

12:34 PM PST

The energy at the main stage is palpable! Agents from all over the world are excited to hear what Gary Keller has to say about the truth of getting your unfair share of business! Watch his Keynote from anywhere on KWConnect!

11:17 AM PST

We're loving this California weather! 🌞 It's a great day for learning and networking with the industry's best and brightest.


Let’s get it started! #KWFR2018 #kellerwilliams

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One of the most visited spots in the KW Marketplace this year is Labs Live. Here, agents mastermind side-by-side with KWRI's technology team to innovate and ideate the next generation of real estate technology. A little birdie told us that there are some very exciting tech announcements coming tomorrow during the Vision Speech, so stay tuned!


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Gary Keller's Keynote Session starts at 1:30 p.m. PST. Did you know you can watch it via live stream on KWConnect?

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Good morning from Family Reunion!


The doors are open and #KWFR2018 has officially begun!

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