Day 2: Family Reunion 2018 [Live Coverage]

Feb 18, 2018 10:02:01 AM

Day 2

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6:20 PM PST

Well, it's been a long day. It's time for Red Bash, so we're going to get down to the Gary Keller Band and hobnob with our #KWFR2018 friends. We'll pick up coverage tomorrow morning for more aha's and insight from Anaheim. See you tomorrow!

 5:05 PM PST

And, last but not least:

#54 Track your progress to your CGI profit goal and celebrate!

Read through all 54 ideas and implement them in your business today:

Download Cody's Slides →

5:01 PM PST

#46 Promote clients on social media

Talk about coming from contribution! Many clients may work for a small business or own their own. Promote that business on social media and you are their new hero.

4:58 PM PST

#40 Do one uncomfortable thing each day

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

4:48 PM PST

"Setting a listing appointment every day has more to do with habit than it has to do with skill." - Cody Gibson, #KWFR2018

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4:41 PM PST

#24 Unsolicited CMA Process

Send an email to your database using this script, including a trackable link to a CMA report:

"I was doing some research on your real estate holdings. It seems to me like your home might be worth $________. Click here to read the full the report."

When you see that a client has clicked on the link, call and follow up within a few days.

4:25 PM PST

#13 Add two new contacts to your database daily

#16 Have a follow-up call one month after closing

#20 Preview three homes daily

These daily habits are powerful examples of living by standards instead of by minimums.

4:09 PM PST

Keeping regular hours and coming in at the same time daily help limits the number of decisions you have to make every day. That frees up your headspace to focus on more important things.

Also, follow the iPad rule: Work from home in the evening if and only if you can complete the task using a tablet or smartphone. Do not bring your work computer home with you. This will help you stay focused when you're at the office and prevent putting off tasks until you get home. (And it helps you spend more quality time with your friends and family!)

3:55 PM PST

We popped into '54 Ways to Achieve Your CGI Goals' with Cody Gibson. While we most likely won't be able to include all 54 ways in here, we'll do our best to hit all the high notes!

Cody suggests that we under-estimate what focus can do in our business. While we may not know what the next 500 or 1,000 steps are, we can identify what the next right step is. These 54 ideas represent what may be the next right step for you.

#1 is to know your profit goal and listing appointments required to achieve it. (Hint: You can easily figure that out using the CGI Calculator!)

2:48 PM PST

How do you track the effectiveness of your marketing? "If you're spending $100 or $50,000, you should be able to track every dollar that goes out and every dollar that comes in," says Laurie Reader. One thing that she has found helpful is to use a simple script: "How is that we are lucky enough that you found us?" From there, she can identify whether it was a yard sign, billboard or Facebook post that prompted the client to call her.

Bottom line: If you can't track it, don't spend it or do it, and ask question after question until you can get to the reason why a client called you.

Download the slides from this presentation and up your marketing game today!

2:38 PM PST

Steven Cohen is discussing his high-quality print marketing assets. Here's a video where he discusses his unique approach to direct mail. He also repurposes all of his print marketing as digital marketing, creating SEO-optimized blog posts that capture web traffic. 

2:28 PM PST

Success in marketing can be boiled down to one thing: Consistency. Whether it's a billboard, newspaper ad or digital ad, keep it predictable and sustainable. That means if you have a billboard up, it doesn't come down depending on the season. Or, if you send an email newsletter, send it every week – no matter what. 

2:22 PM PST

In terms of marketing, there will always be a new shiny object. "Always think about leading with revenue. Don't go spending tons of money before you're making tons of money. Pick one thing that fits into your budget and stay consistent with it and master it," says Laurie Reader.

2:18 PM PST

We're sitting in 'Communicate Your Value: Marketing Masterpieces' with Laurie Reader, Steven Cohen and Veronica Sniscak

The first step in developing effective marketing tools is zeroing in on your value proposition. For Steven Cohen, it's "being the economist of choice" for his clients. He creates extremely high-quality marketing pieces that provide value and are able to be measured in terms of effectiveness. All of his materials support his fundamental position of being the economist of choice for the marketplace.

For Laurie Reader, her value prop is providing a 'wow' client experience. She believes that every relationship with a client will lead to five future opportunities and her marketing materials reflect this.

12:22 PM PST

Our mood after the Vision Speech today. #1KW

KW 2018 Family Reunion Day 2 Highlights-2.jpg

11:53 PM PST

And that's a wrap on Vision! Gary concludes, "Go forth and prosper!" We'll be back after lunch with more goodies from breakout sessions.

11:51 PM PST

Last up is Referrals, which is currently in Labs. Agents told our tech team they'd like the following from Referrals:

  • Be in control of your own referral network
  • Easily send, receive, and manage my referrals
  • Tag, favorite, and customize my own referral network for my business
  • Be able to easily follow up and send updates on referrals I am working or sent
  • Be able to do all of this from my phone

Check out and test Referrals right now on KWConnect! You can also grow your referral base using Kelle (just say, "Add Jane Smith to my referral network").

11:50 AM PST

You can download Kelle now and join in the Labs process! "The sooner you break [Kelle] with us, the sooner we can make it smarter with you," says Josh Team.

Try and Test Kelle →

11:45 AM PST

A few reactions to the Vision Speech:

11:28 AM PST

Mortgage, property management, and insurance companies and services are also eager to capture agent data. So, as a first step, we created Keller Mortgage in order to protect your commission and value proposition.

And, it's working! Keller Williams agents saved their clients $4.5M in 2017 using Keller Mortgage.

11:04 AM PST

KWCommand, which is now in Labs and being refined by your fellow agents, is designed around the following vision:

  • Everything in one place
  • Automate task and workflow
  • Has to work for teams and individual agents
  • Customizable to each business
  • Easy and fun to use

11:00 AM PST

First, the new CloudMORE system, which is currently in Labs:

  • No transmittals
  • All data in real time
  • No double data entry

10:55 AM PST

Now, we embark on a data journey that is built on top of the following pledge:

The KW Data Rights Pledge

We will always respect your data as your business and we will always allow you to take your data with you.

10:33 AM PST

Our company journey so far has been defined by profit share  and this is the result:


Today, we have to partner again in a completely new way. We disrupted the industry through profit share and now, we must disrupt the real estate industry again.

"We have to go from a profit share relationship to, additionally, a data share relationship," explains Gary.

10:17 AM PST

Even though the battle is on for your data, real estate agents still have control of three important things:

  • Your Database
  • Your Transaction
  • Your Proprietary Knowledge and Insights Around Real Estate

9:57 AM PST

"If someone else has your data and knows more than you do, who's really running your business?" asks Gary. Don't panic though. Real estate agents aren't going away, and if you control your data, you'll get to decide how relevant you'll be.

"Your data is your business." - Gary Keller, #KWFR2018

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And, data is bigger than just your database. 

So many aha's and insights during the Vision Speech today. Watch live now on KWConnect!

9:49 AM PST

The real estate industry is in a battle. The game and players will be decided in the next 12-18 months. "The one with the most insights wins. That means that the one with the most data has the most insights," says Gary.

9:40 AM PST

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is getting ready to take over our careers, our businesses, and our lives. It can either be our competitor or our partner. "It depends on if you're the tail or the dog," explains Gary. "Who wants to be the dog?"  

9:22 AM PST

It's time to reinvent our job descriptions and reimagine our businesses. "I'm ready to rewrite the rules if you are" says Gary. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are the forces driving the Fourth Industrial Revolution and in order to be competitive, we have to move to digital platforms. "That's how Netflix beat Blockbuster," he explains.

9:17 AM PST

"Profit is a distraction on the way to disruption." - Gary Keller, #KWFR2018

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9:15 AM PST

According to Gary, we're currently in the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution.' "Right now, we're living in two different times. It's the best of times for the remarkable individual and it's the worst of times for the unremarkable individual," says Gary. "Technology has more of a relationship with the consumer than people do. Just think about that." 

9:13 AM PST

Here we go! Gary Keller takes the stage along with Josh Team and Jay Papasan to have an entirely different conversation than usual. "I don't want to give a speech. What I want to do is to have the same conversations we have, every day, on your behalf," says Gary.

8:53 AM PST

We don't know if you heard the word, but Labs Live is hopping! Speaking of technology, Gary will be talking lots of tech during today's Vision Speech. You will not want to miss this, so tune in right now on KWConnect!


8:19 AM PST

Jackie Ellis is presenting "Let Your Prelist Package Seal the Deal and Increase Your Listings Taken." According to Jackie, this is what a prelist package does for you:

  • Opens communication
    Increases confidence
    Provides data or documents sellers need to gather in advance
    Saves time
    Lets the potential seller dig into data on their own time
    Prepares for the consultation

She recommends delivering the prelist package within 24-72 hours of setting an appointment. Wondering what to include in yours? Download her presentation below:

Download Jackie's Slides →

8:00 AM PST

Who else is ready for another incredible day of Family Reunion? Today we'll be hopping around to a few breakout sessions and sharing any aha's we have. Then, at 9:00 a.m. PST, it's time for Gary Keller's Vision Speech. Make sure you are watching the live stream on KWConnect!


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