Day 3: Family Reunion 2018 [Live Coverage]

Feb 19, 2018 9:45:55 AM

Day 3

Follow the KW Blog for all the announcements, excitements and happenings here in Anaheim, Calif., at Family Reunion 2018! We'll be updating throughout the day, so check back frequently and see what's new. Also, be sure to follow us on Instagram for live stories and even more fun!

5:30 PM PST

It's getting late and the breakout sessions are winding down. We'll have coverage on tomorrow's Inspirational Morning for you in this weekend's edition of KW NOW. Until then, onward Keller Williams!

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4:28 PM PST

Mary believes, "If you aren't supporting your people in their hour in need, you aren't living the Keller Williams culture." To learn more about preparing your business and your Keller Williams family for an unexpected natural disaster, be on the lookout for Mary's new course – coming soon to KWU!

4:15 PM PST

Mary is going over a comprehensive 'Task Force Organizational Chart' to deploy during a disaster. By sticking to this chart, you are prepared in advance and have a person who is able to perform a specific role when the time comes.

Get a copy of the chart on KWConnect and fill it out so that you are at the ready!

3:58 PM PST

Kathy Neu joins Mary onstage to talk about KW Cares, the 501(c)(3) public charity created to support Keller Williams associates and their families with hardship as a result of a sudden emergency.

Kellie Clark also takes the stage to talk about the Heart 2 Heart program. This program provides long-term recovery for Keller Williams associates in the aftermath of natural disaster. It pairs market centers in unaffected regions with affected agents and their families. 

Together, these two complementary programs provide support to our people when they need it most.

3:32 PM PST

"Speed is extremely important in a disaster," explains Mary. And speed means being prepared and having a plan in place in advance. Disaster relief also evolves over time, so it's important to continue to revisit and maintain your plan on a consistent basis.

3:15 PM PST

Next up, Mary Tennant is presenting on 'KW Cares Disaster Relief.' After a year marked by devastating natural events, the goal of this session is to arm you with the skills to provide care and leadership during difficult times.

"Our hope is, with what you learn today, you will be better prepared and will never have to go through the crises that many have been through," says Mary.

2:54 PM PST

Miguel concludes the lab by saying, "We're going to take these ideas back to Austin and create prototypes to test. And, in the future when you use Referrals, you can say, 'I built that at Family Reunion!'"

Miguel in Labs.jpg


2:50 PM PST

Group 3's vision is focused on geographic search. They also recommend using outside sites such as Zillow and Yelp to populate agent reviews.

Last up is Group 4, and they have an interesting idea to be able to swipe left or right (yes ... like Tinder!) on an agent's profile to either add them to your referral network or not.

2:40 PM PST

Group 2 is presenting their design and they would like to see a KPA integration so that you can get a better idea of how a potential referral partner works and thinks. They also designed their 'prototype' to allow you to choose how you want to search – by agent, by city, by KPA profile or by team / individual.

2:31 PM PST

Next, agents are presenting their designs – group by group – to the entire lab. 

Group 1 would like to be able to find agents based on reviews from past referrals and their closing percentage.

Another idea just popped up: An interactive map where you can find referral partners based on a wider geographic area. You can simply draw a circle around several towns if someone says, for example, "I want to move somewhere west of Nashville."

2:17 PM PST

Now, agents are using an iPad to sketch out what the search experience they just brainstormed looks like. There are blank iPhone illustrations loaded on an iPad – serving as a type of template – where agents are able to ideate their ideal referral search experience.

2:09 PM PST

We've joined a Labs Live session on our agent-to-agent Referrals platform hosted by Miguel Bracchini. The session starts with agents talking in four small groups about mobile referral search. Specifically, what information they would like to search by such as location, agent name, designation (such as luxury or commercial) or production level.

Agents are jumping right into the discussion without hesitation! 

One great idea we overheard: We should be able to identify a potential referral partner by the language they speak.

1:54 PM PST

We're about to hop over to Labs Live, but we really enjoyed hearing James' take on what it takes to win in any market! Read through the rest of his presentation and get ready to get SHIFT-proof.

 Download James's Slides →

1:51 PM PST

One of the most important strategies for thriving during a SHIFT is playing Red Light, Green Light with your expenses.

"I would like for you to have as few expenses as possible and make as much money as possible. And, pay a big tax bill – because that means you made a lot of money," says James.

He recommends turning fixed expenses into variable expenses and setting up a monthly P&L statement. Not sure how to get your expenses in line? Talk with your MCA. 

1:45 PM PST

The 12 SHIFT Tactics, from page 21:

  • 1. Get Real, Get Right – Mindset & Action
    2. Re-margin Your Business – Expense Management
    3. Do More with Less – Leverage
    4. Find the Motivated – Lead Generation
    5. Get to the Table – Lead Conversion
    6. Catch People in Your Web – Internet Lead Conversion
    7. Price Ahead of the Market – Seller Pricing Strategies
    8. Stand Out from the Competition – Seller Staging Strategies
    9. Create Urgency – Overcoming Buyer Reluctance
    10.Expand the Options – Creative Financing
    11.Master the Market of the Moment – Short Sales, Foreclosures, REOs, Institutional Investors, etc.
    12.Bulletproof the Transaction – Issues and Solutions

Need a refresher?


1:36 PM PST

A SHIFT happens slowly at a national level and quickly at a local level. From companies moving their headquarters to natural disasters, a downturn in the market can happen without warning at a local level.

Luckily, the state of the national market is irrelevant to your personal business and a SHIFT at a local level can be leveraged. "You go through a SHIFT every year already," explains James, referring to seasonality experienced in most real estate businesses. "A SHIFT is an opportunity."

1:31 PM PST

We wandered over to 'SHIFT Happens: Thrive in Any Market,' hosted by James Shaw, KW MAPS and BOLD coach.

If you want to win in any market, you have to act like you live in the market that's coming, rather than the one you're in. So, if you are in a seller's market, you should act like you are in a buyer's market.

10:53 AM PST

That's a wrap on State of Your Company. We hope you've enjoyed celebrating all that you've done and all that you will do!

We'll be back shortly with more coverage of breakout sessions!

10:48 AM PST

"Right now, we're bridging the traditional and the new," says John. And, because we are now number one in agent count, units and volume, we may have a target on us. "Things are changing," he shares. "We're right on top of this wave. We have to do the right things, right now. The future is here."

It's time to be intentional about doing things differently and make the decision to move in new directions. "This is not about making more money for the company. This is about you competing and thriving in the new real estate ecosystem."

10:35 AM PST

After some stunning pyrotechnics and brushing the confetti out of our hair, it's time to switch gears a little.

According to John, we're a company of firsts: First to create an Associate Leadership Council (ALC), first to profit share, first to embrace teams, and more. "Being first and being different is who we are, culturally," says John. "And it starts with sharing."

Growth happens when we get intentional about sharing and, at the end of the day, our culture is about our people – for our people. We are having this conversation now because there are people outside the industry looking at you and your client, hoping to disintermediate. So, it's time to take a look at our culture, take a page from our own history and, again, become a company of firsts.

10:15 AM PST

December 2017 was a big month. It was so big that it was 35 years in the making ...

You are now America's undisputed heavyweight champion in agent count, volume and units! 

10:09 AM PST

In November 2017, you made history again. You crossed the $1B mark in profit share! "From 1993 to 2010, we profit-shared $306M. Since 2011, when we really got serious about our culture of sharing and doing things differently, we shared $728M in just six years!"

In December 2017, Forbes magazine named you the happiest place to work! And, we announced expansion into the Czech Republic, Greece & Cyprus, Romania and Argentina. This marked the end of a historic year for KW Worldwide with 9 regions, 50 market centers and 2,340 agents joining the family!

10:02 AM PST

In October 2017, the Keller Williams Worldwide family grew to include Bermuda and the Philippines.

"We are the company of the fourth quarter. We own the fourth quarter," says John. And here's the evidence: In November 2017, a record-setting 129 locations hosted and 8,000 agents attended BOLD. And, those 8,000 agents took 21 percent of all KW listings and 49 percent of all contracts during that time period. Wow!

9:55 AM PST

"Three years ago, we became the number one leader in agent count," says John. "Back then, Gary Keller had a vision, and he predicted we would become number one in volume and units." And, in June 2017, we became the number one real estate company by volume in the United States.

In July 2017, you revisited our CGI Goals to be prepared for the fourth quarter with over 164,000 goals set!

In August 2017, 3,500 Keller Williams agents sprang into action to help those affected in Houston by Hurricane Harvey and delivered much-needed supplies.

In September 2017, we took a look at our culture and turned Mega Camp into Mega Relief. Thousands of agents traveled to Austin and surrounding areas to help those impacted by unprecedented disaster.

"Our giving  just like our growth  has only just begun," John explains.

9:45 AM PST

"To kick things off, we're going to walk you through the year and celebrate what you achieved," says John.

In January 2017, Training magazine ranked you the world's #1 training organization. 

In February 2017, our IALC voted to update the company MVVBP. We also welcomed KW Jamaica and KW Puerto Rico into our KW Worldwide family.

In March 2017, we launched Keller Mortgage to add value to your business and keep you at the center of the transaction.

In April 2017, REAL Trends' "The Thousand" featured more teams from Keller Williams than any other franchise. We are the home for teams!

In May 2017, you celebrated RED Day, coming together to support your communities and give back. "RED Day elevates us all," says John. 

9:30 AM PST

And here we go! John Davis takes the stage. "This has been a big week with a lot of things to take in," he says. During today's presentation, we're going to celebrate and then take a look at the road ahead.

It's going to be a conversation about your business and your achievements. And, after we celebrate, we'll discuss challenges – both yours and the industry as a whole.

9:06 AM PST

State of Your Company is starting soon. Tune in to the livestream now on KWConnect!

8:40 AM PST

We jumped into a Q&A session with Josh Team and Neil Dholakia of our KWRI technology team. They are answering questions on yesterday's Vision Speech, which tackled a wide variety of topics about the future of our company and the real estate industry.

Q: What is your strategy on educating KW agents and getting their buy-in on this new technology?

Josh Team: With the pace that we want to move at  how you train and educate 170,000 people, multilingual  it's a problem. So that's why we're doing Latest in Labs videos, emails and building up a library of training with KWU (Keller Williams University). You guys are actually a big piece of that. The best way of training people is having them use (the technology). In the past 24 hours, over 15,000 people have logged into the referrals system. That's how we'll get people trained – get them to use it.

Q: What type of support is available for these tech products?

Neil Dholakia: Use the feedback button within Referrals and Kelle. All feedback will go to both support and product teams. The feedback button is live and that's the first line on how to get support. 

Q: Has there been any talk about partnering with other real estate companies?

Josh: All the large franchises find themselves in a little bit of a pickle. It's the ones that have a relationship with their agents  to partner  that will have a fighting chance. We're uniquely positioned there. What Gary did yesterday was pretty cool. He took a 30-year-plus legacy of doing what's right for the agent and brought that into the technology initiatives.

Q: When do you think the average agent will be able to replace all of their current software and fully adopt Keller Cloud technologies?

Neil: Do what's right for your business. We still want you to go back to any vendor you work with and ask them to integrate with Keller Cloud. Everything we provide from a KWRI perspective is already included with your existing tech fee, so when our technology meets your needs, switch over. You do what's best for your business, don't make a decision based on what you think might come out because we're agent-directed. We're not releasing functionality until the agent says it's ready.

Want to test the latest Keller Cloud tech right now? Sign up for Labs!

7:44 AM PST

Rise and shine Keller Williams friends! It's another beautiful day in Anaheim, Calif., and we're ready to learn at Family Reunion. We've got State of Your Company coming up this morning at 9:30 a.m. PST, so make sure you are watching the livestream on KWConnect!

Let's kick off Day 3!

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