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Sep 28, 2016 2:54:01 PM

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Reza and Laura Shirangi prove the language of real estate is universal. “Our business is mainly referral, so it’s all about customer service,” Reza says. “My wife responds to emails within five seconds, and I’m good with texts and phone calls. We take having a good response time very seriously.”

Success Spoken in Many Languages

Reza’s transcontinental upbringing is responsible for one of the ways he offers his clients a unique customer service experience. Growing up in the Middle East and Paris, Reza is fluent in both Farsi and French, which has become an asset to their diverse clientele in the Southern California luxury market.

Shirangi.jpg“I work with a lot of international clients,” Reza says. “I just sold a $3.2 million home to a French client, and I don’t think it’s just because I speak French, but it helps. Also, there are a lot of Farsi speakers in this area, so I do market in the Persian community.”

Laura, on the other hand, brings a home field advantage to her real estate career as a native of Southern California. Her background includes a degree in accounting and an MBA, both of which complement the Shirangis’ work as a real estate team of two.

“Working as a team helps us better provide our clients with service beyond their expectations through the power of teamwork,” Laura says. “We understand the value of time and the importance of family.” Reza reiterates the importance of teamwork in praising his wife’s contributions to their business.

“She’s the back office, and I do all the front, so she’s the brains of the operation,” he says.

The Shirangis joined Keller Williams in 2009, a few years after the company first piqued their interest.

At Home With Keller Williams

“Keller Williams had always been intriguing for us before we even started with them,” Reza says. “I knew that was the only company I had in mind if I ever wanted to move. I was curious about the systems and how they were different and so fast-growing. It’s always about learning more, and I was very excited about the training programs.”

Six years and tens of millions of dollars in closed volume later, the Shirangis are very happy with their decision to join the Keller Williams family.

“One thing about Keller Williams that I’ve always been attracted to is the culture,” Reza says. “I truly believe that you have to care for your client. What I love about Keller Williams is that when you go to Family Reunion, you build that inside of you because you know that the client is what you really are here for.”

The Shirangis credit the Keller Williams models, systems and training tools for their impressive productivity gains.

“When we started out, we used all of the training and watched a  lot of videos,” Reza says. “Going to Family Reunion and participating in all of the training programs there helped me a lot as well.”

Proven Strategies

Two strategies that have yielded dividends for the Shirangis are farming and keeping their business streamlined.

“We started farming in 2005, and our name was getting out there,” Reza says. “It really took off.”
As the Shirangis developed their farm by sending out postcards and booking billboards, it made sense to target the luxury market in their area.

“Most of our sales are around a million or above, so KW Luxury Homes International made sense,” Reza says. “Also, in thinking of marketing to the area, just having the name ‘luxury homes’ is great.
It’s very productive and helps in meetings throughout the country.

Also, I use the luxury homes brand when calling other agents out of state, so if a client wants to move out of the area, I can use it to refer to luxury agents out of state.”

Committed to Community

With their focus on farming their area, the Shirangis naturally have become more involved in their community by supporting local charities. “We do a lot of events in the community,” Reza says. “We help a lot of schools and volunteer at homeless shelters every month. “We also support children’s sports teams. Supporting the local schools is very important for me, because if a school is doing good, everyone wants to live in that area.”

In addition to earning the reward that comes from giving back, agents can also receive a marketing boost by participating in local events and helping out with community charities. The Shirangis have seen that impact firsthand.

“When you’re helping the community, people see you differently,” Reza says. “At events, we always put our banners out, and it’s good marketing because people come up to you later and say, ‘It’s so nice that you give back to the neighborhood.’”

Time-Saving Technology

Technology is another tool the Shirangis rely on in their business. “I do everything on the go,” Reza says. “The iPad, online document processing – those are all time-saving for me. If my client likes a house, I pull up the contract on an iPad, and we do it right there.” Although Reza and Laura Shirangi have found success by relying on strategies such as farming, community involvement and streamlining, at the end of the day, ranking in the top 1 percent all comes down to providing stellar customer service.

“I truly believe in this business,” Reza says. “For us to do it, just the two of us, it is about word of mouth and about our clients pursuing us. Every time I sell a home, my goal is for those sellers or buyers to give me business because we do what we say and because we’re on top of it. The truth is that commissions are the last thing on my mind because if you do things right, the commissions will come. That’s what really brings business back. When you truly believe in what you’re doing and when you do things from the heart, people see that in you.”


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