Mega Agent Fred Sed Reveals His Million Dollar Strategy

Sep 29, 2017 4:15:42 PM

On target to close 100 units this year and rake in $45-47 million in closed volume, California-based agent Fred Sed is experiencing immense success at Keller Williams. While the numbers are exceptional, Sed emphasizes, “It’s not just about the money at Keller Williams. It’s about the growth opportunities.”


He joined Keller Williams 13 years ago, early in his real estate career, but left for a brief time only to return in 2013 after finding out he and his wife would soon be welcoming a third child.

“I knew I needed to build a business where I would be around for my children,” Sed says, believing he would miss out on family moments if he didn’t get purposeful about his business plan. “In order to be home with my family, I was going to need to get leverage. I wanted to build a business while having a life. KW is the only company that has a model I can follow to build a real estate team and a real estate business.”

Since returning, Sed has been able to expand his real estate business from Orange County into Los Angeles County, invest in himself and get creative to land more listings. He shares his mega agent strategy, which consists of three core pillars:  

1.) Sed Stays Connected to His Database through the 33 Touch

Approximately half of Sed’s business in both locations comes from his database. He follows a systematic 33 Touch plan which includes the following routinely scheduled activities that keep him top-of-mind.

  • He sends two monthly emails a newsletter and invitation to participate in a real estate trivia contest.  Why this works: Sed is able to provide his database valuable content while giving them a monetary incentive to connect with him.
  • He gets on the phone with his database every 90 days. Why this works: Quarterly calls are a great way to encourage a back-and-forth dialogue with his database and ask for referrals.
  • His database receives an item of gratitude each year. Why this works: Gifts are the perfect way for Sed to show his clients he appreciates their business and opens up another door to ask for referrals.
  • He’s tapped into the power of social media and online marketing to drive sales.
    • Organic/Paid Advertising: While a majority of his online leads are generated organically from review sites like Yelp as well as from his Facebook and blog posts, Sed does make a small investment in paid advertising. He has invested $14,000 YTD, which has led to a return of $186,000 in GCI.=
    • Segmentation: Sed is strategic with his online targeting by creating custom audiences for those in his database that are on Facebook. Then, he connects them in a meaningful way via regular social media posts centered on useful information.
    • Blogs: Sed publishes three posts per week on topics that matter to his clients on his website. Every Friday, Fred releases a video blog on Facebook where he answers a client question in his series, “Fridays with Fred.”

2.) Sed gets creative! He invented the At What Price? script that has generated approximately $200,000 in GCI. 

After seeing great results with the 33 Touch, Fred wanted to get more creative with lead generating for listings, so he put together a new script. 

“I ask people, ‘At what price are you willing to sell?’” If they respond that they aren’t looking to sell right now, he reminds them that wasn’t the question and to just pick a number – any number. Smiles break out and the conversation is on its way.

“I offer to run a free comp analysis for them to see if their number is a possibility,” Sed says. It works great because even if they don’t in fact sell, they now have accurate numbers and Sed has provided them with value.

Sed has generated 10 listings using this script, resulting in 7 million in closed volume.

Download the  At What Price? Script 

3.) Sed Invests in Himself

One of the driving forces behind Sed’s impressive success in his four years as a KW associate is the investment he has made in himself. He cautions that without it, all the other activities won’t be as impactful on your bottom line. He has taken several courses with KWU and participates in and benefits from KW MAPS Coaching, Group Coaching and the Career Growth Initiative (CGI), noting that it is more than just showing up, you have to implement what you learn. He is also an approved KWU trainer and KWYP member.

“Being a great sales person is different from being a great leader who can hire, train and retain great talent” says Sed. “I wouldn’t be anywhere close to the leader I am today without KW training and tools.” 

One Last Reminder

Regardless of the activities you choose to implement in your business, Sed has one very important reminder – don’t take the commission check and disappear. “There is value in keeping in touch with your database,” he says, reflecting on the big lesson he got early in his career when he was neglecting his database. “After I took the KW MAPS Group Coaching course Make the Phone Ring Again, I sent an apology letter to my database for not keeping in touch with them and promised to do so in the future.” That letter resulted in $125,000 GCI.

It’s Go Time!

With the fourth quarter upon us, the time is NOW to set yourself up for success in the new year. Delve into our CGI tools to achieve new levels of production and fund the life you envision for yourself and your family.

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