Innovate, Automate, Dominate

Aug 10, 2016 6:39:12 PM

KW Technology

KW CIO Josh Team and CTO Steve Peterschmidt unveiled five new technology products for Keller Williams associates. Powered by many, designed for you – find out what’s in store!

CEO, Chris Heller kicked-off Mega Technology Camp this afternoon by introducing Chief Innovation Officer, Josh Team and Chief Technology Officer, Steve Peterschmidt. Together, the two unveiled their charter for KW Technology – Innovate, Automate, Dominate.


“We will now measure ourselves by our performance as a technology leader – not simply a leader in the real estate technology space. It’s time that our technology joined the ranks of technology leaders like Apple, Netflix and Google.” Team said.  “These companies focused on changing the experience and then found the technology to bring that experience to life. And, no one is better positioned than Keller Williams to do this in the real estate space.”

The conversation of the afternoon centered on connection, integration, and harnessing the power of our size and production. “Powered by many, designed for you,” Peterschmidt said. “When our associates opt-in, we have the unique ability to create ONE technology platform that not only innovates and disrupts the industry as a whole, but provides valuable insights to the individual businesses of each of our associates.”

Five New Technology Products

Peterschmidt and Team gave attendees a look at the first five new technology products to launch on the new connected platform. These products represent the first steps toward the end goal – to build the world’s smartest real estate platform.

CGI Calculator – The first of the Career Growth Initiative tools, the CGI Calculator empowers Keller Williams associates to work backward from a profit goal that will fund their life to the activities needed to complete each month to achieve that goal.

Profit Dash – Available exclusively to Keller Williams associates, this all-new finance-management app seamlessly tracks your business expenses, mileage, deductions and commissions in real time, like magic.

Market Center Recruiting Sites – Telling the Keller Williams value story online just got a lot simpler. These new sites allow market center leadership teams and associates to share the value of Keller Williams and shine a light on your unique local presence. These sites are being released to a group of Early Adopters in mid-August.

The KPA (Keller Personality Assessment) – The Keller Personality Assessment (KPA) is a comprehensive personality tool that brings a complete understanding of an individual – grasping not only how a person behaves but how they THINK.

KWConnect – In the coming weeks, KWUConnect will become KWConnect! The new KWConnect is THE online source for Keller Williams knowledge. Combining audio, video and user-generated content, KWConnect offers the opportunity for associates to share, interact and learn from each other online. Exciting updates to the site will include enhanced profile pages, topics trending locally and company-wide, the ability for users to create and share custom playlists, and more.

Aha!! Get connected and opt in!

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