These Keller Williams Agents Are Redefining the Future of Real Estate

Jun 30, 2017 3:15:59 PM


The Brian Gubernick Team and Five Doors Network have one thing in common: their business has ballooned. They’re using innovative growth strategies to push the boundaries of their business and are shaping the future of real estate.

These groups are among dozens of Keller Williams teams across the country developing new ways to reach clients and showcase properties. They’re thinking outside the box. And recently, they’ve been recognized for their work.

Almost half of the finalists in the 2017 Inman Innovator Awards’ “Most Innovative Team” category hail from Keller Williams, and of the KW teams, 30 percent are part of KW’s Mega Agent Expansion program. Inman calls finalists “visionaries” who are “leading us into the future of real estate.” The 2017 Inman Innovators will be revealed at Inman Connect in San Francisco the week of Aug. 7 - 11, 2017.

BBP_140218_9549-3082417382-O.jpgBrian Gubernick, who heads up the Brian Gubernick Team, has teams in Arizona, Oregon, Washington, California and Michigan. But that wasn’t always the case. Gubernick, who’s a Top 10 Producing Agent for KW, started out in Scottsdale. He wanted to extend the life of short sales for his team, and he did something bold at the time: he ventured into another state, expanding into Seattle in 2011.

“The idea was to create another team from scratch,” he says, to duplicate the $40 million in sales his team had accomplished in Scottsdale. But, over the years, his model evolved. It became more efficient, more innovative, and smarter. His goal is no longer to duplicate, but to extend the reach of his team and services.

Gubernick now looks for a leader in a new community to manage the expansion rather than a partner to build a new team from scratch. He cross-trains team members so they’re more efficient (admins in Scottsdale work on projects across the country). He’s also condensed his team’s website to one page with subdomains for each location.

In Maryland, Seth Campbell, owner of Five Doors Network, has created a hybrid team – one that’s not quite a brokerage or a sales team. “We’re right in the middle,” he says.


Campbell runs his business as a sales-agent-level organization that’s structured as a membership network across multiple cities and brokerages. He has carved out regions and hired regional directors, modeling his business after Keller Williams Realty International. The first year, he saw $14 million in sales volume. Year two it was $76 million, last year $154 million, and year-to-date 

over $150 million.

Gubernick and Campbell credit KW’s Mega Agent Expansion program with their success. This program, the brainchild of Keller Williams Co-founder and Chairman Gary Keller, helps mega agents build bigger businesses across borders.

"For the first time in real estate, there’s a model for owning a business without borders and without financial limits,” says Kristan Cole, VP of Mega Agent Expansion. “In most other companies, agents find that the best opportunities are already taken. With expansion, the opportunity is unlimited, and the entry is open to anyone committed to using the KW expansion model."

One program benefit, say Gubernick and Campbell, has been learning from other Mega Agent Expansion members. “If we were doing this on an island on our own, we would never have gotten this far,” says Campbell. “Bringing us together, to talk, to share our models, and really getting under the hood of each other’s businesses, that’s cut years off our learning curve.”

Every day, KW agents are challenging traditional models of real estate and developing new, creative ways of doing business.

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