Keller Williams: Top Performers of 2017

Nov 8, 2017 10:53:17 AM

Take a moment to meet the top performers of 2017! 

The impressive production numbers of these individuals reflect their commitment to their clients and the contributions they have made to those they meet in untold ways. These agents are not just top performers in real estate; they are leaders in their communities and with their 170,000-plus peers.

These agents are also living the KW mission statement at the highest level. Their “careers worth having” and “businesses worth owning” are built on solid, scalable models. As a result, they are taking their unfair share of the market and becoming THE agents of choice for buyers and sellers across North America. 

Congratulations to:

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Q4 numbers will be added at the end of the quarter. 

… But wait.

As PROUD as we are of these individuals and the incredible business they’ve conducted thus far this year, what we know is that the pros on this list haven’t slowed down for even a minute.

At KW, we don’t get discouraged by traditional real estate thinking – the belief that things are slowing down and our most profitable months are behind us. Instead, the best of the best are using RIGHT NOW to make their OWN market.

This is how individuals and teams performed, see how our company as a whole is currently outpacing the market.

Q3 Performance Report Blog  

11/10/17, 10:51 a.m: A correction was made on all performance documents. The Greater Portland market center was incorrectly labeled as being located in Oregon. It has been corrected to Maine. 

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