Former Educators Go Outside of the Box to Design a Lead Gen Strategy That Works!

Aug 18, 2017 1:49:33 PM

We aren’t going to reach our goals.

That is what Donna Harmatuk, operating principal of the New Bern market center and head of Donna & Team New Bern, realized after looking at her team’s numbers. The six-month mark was approaching and her multi-year trend report showed her that if she didn’t act fast, there was no way the team would close out 2017 with $1.6 million in GCI and 260 units.

"Because our results show up 90 days after our activities, we don’t have until Dec. 31 to reach our goals. We have to hit our numbers by the end of October,” says Harmatuk.

So she reached out to her KW MAPS Coaches, and together they devised a new road map that focused on increasing listings. Empowered by the renewed vision, Morgan Crisp, Harmatuk’s executive assistant, and Meredith Wilson, the team’s lead buyer specialist, collaborated to restructure their lead generation strategy.  

“Before the new strategy, lead gen felt disjointed and too daunting. So Meredith and I went back to our days as teachers and created the concept of lead generation stations,” says Crisp. “We thought stations worked with our students, why wouldn’t they work with our agents?”  

And they were right. With the implementation of four lead generation activity stations (“write it,” “like it,” “say it,” “walk it”), the team got back on track and increased listings by 66 percent in just a month and a half.

“[Our] agents are social beings and dove right into it. They love being together and being active. Having something new to do every day of the week created an entirely new energy.”

Team New Bern’s Daily Lead Generation Strategy

Power Up with Dianna

“We begin our time together by watching Dianna Kokoszka’s daily Power Up video,” Crisp notes. Kokoszka’s Power Up videos are the perfect way to get inspired before lead generating.

Station Time!

Team New Bern Stations.jpeg.jpgNext, agents go to their assigned station to perform tailored lead generation activities. They are supported by one of the team’s full-time staff members, who serves as a foreman for the day.

“The foreman provides all the materials the agents will need. This can be everything from door-knocking handouts to coffee to client addresses,” says Crisp. “The foreman also picks up sticky notes with directives such as a past client that has asked for a copy of their home warranty or a potential seller that wants a pre-list packet sent to them, and we implement those action items so the agents can stay in their zone.

“Write It” 

At the “write it” station, agents spend their time communicating with clients through handwritten notes, email or text.

“Depending on the day, agents may write thank-you notes to past clients and vendor partners, put together a texting campaign about a coming soon listing or an email campaign about changing flood zones with insurance agent contact info, or information about a new local restaurant they should try. At the end, they always ask for business,” says Crisp.

“Like It” 

The “like it” station is all about engaging clients on social media and mobile. Activities may include recording Facebook Live videos, posting listings on Instagram and Snapchat, and reaching out to a predetermined amount of people on Facebook Messenger. All agents are responsible for liking the posts on the Donna & Team New Bern page and sharing them too.

The KW Mobile Search App has been a great resource for agents to share with their clients at the “like it” station.

“Before they get started sharing the app, we will target a certain number of their sphere that they will contact and past clients. We don’t just provide them with a list, but scripts from Keller Williams Realty International,” Crisp explains.



“Say It” 

Agents at the “say it” station are lead generating on the phone. They may be calling their sphere and inviting them to events, notifying clients about coming soon listings, or circle prospecting around listings.  

 “Walk It”

If an agent is assigned to the “walk it” station, they will be out of the office door-knocking or at an open house or networking event that is going on in their community.


After an hour spent at their lead generation station, agents come together to discuss how their efforts went, share aha’s, and talk about ways they can support each other. The shift in energy has been exciting for Crisp to watch.  

“At the beginning of the year, the energy was low and lead gen felt scattered. It’s amazing how something as simple as four stations has created synergy between everyone.”

With a shifted mindset in adopting the Four Conversations of the Career Growth Initiative and lead generation stations, production at the New Bern Team is up across the board:

  • +41.2% written units
  • +26.6% closed units
  • +27.2% closed volume
  • +34.1% GCI
  • 14% market share in a community of 30,000 people

“To come together and share our results and see the families we’re helping is exciting. We are speaking the same language now and running a system that is very easy to understand.” 

Donna & Team New Bern are successful because of their commitment to performing daily lead generation activities, their laser focus on listings and their willingness to leverage Keller Williams tools, such as the KW Mobile Search App. Is it time for you to renew your commitment to lead generation?

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