Less Stress, More Success Through Time blocking

Feb 15, 2016 3:27:14 PM

Success in all parts of life hinges on the ability to time block. Time blocking, which is the act of designating a portion of time on an ongoing basis to get important things done, is productivity’s greatest tool.

Time blocking involves making an appointment with yourself to work on your ONE Thing; and it’s simple. We already do it in our lives, but typically not for our most important work.

In today’s Family Reunion breakout session led by Jay Papasan, attendees learned that time blocking works on the premise that a calendar records appointments, but doesn’t care who those appointments are with; that’s where the date with yourself comes into play.


Once you’ve spent the time you committed to focusing on your ONE Thing for the day, you can move on to the next item. Following this approach ensures you attack your day methodically.

So you want to use time blocking in your life, but aren’t sure where to start?

Grab your calendar and first schedule your time off. Not only do you deserve this vacation time, but rest assured, you’re going to need it when you become your most productive self.

Next, block off time to focus on your ONE Thing. In our industry, dedicated lead generation time is the ONE Thing helps you build your business, so it’s paramount to schedule time for that task. Get this done early and you’ll find you have positive momentum for the rest of your day.

In fact, Papasan described how studies show very successful people are at their most productive before noon, as that’s when willpower is most reliable and time is most under our control. 

This timing is so important that Jay has made a point of designing his own schedule around making appointments for his priorities in the morning. 

Once you have your time off and your ONE Thing time scheduled, it’s time to schedule your planning time; it’s about setting time to check your goals and ensure you’ve allotted time to achieve them.

What are you waiting for? Start time blocking now and enjoy more success with less stress.

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