Master Builders on Track to a Billion in Production

Jan 25, 2017 11:58:40 AM


Leaders at the Overland Park market center in the Kansas City, Kan., metropolitan area unanimously point to early adoption as a key to the success they have had with the Growth Initiative. When they understood and then fully embraced the program, which helped them speak agents’ language, they saw immediate results.Master Builders -Overland Park.jpg

Looking through the market center’s trends and reports, Lucas Sherraden, CEO and team leader, points out the exact month they implemented the Growth Initiative. “It’s obvious,” he observes. It is clear that by embracing the program early and quickly, they have mastered it. When the Overland Park market center first began to use the tools of the Growth Initiative in 2012, they were at $212 million in production, and now, at the end of September 2016, they are at $960 million and well on their way to more than $1 billion by year’s end.

With those impressive results, it is not surprising that the Overland Park market center has increased market share in the state of Kansas.

Steve Johns, operating principal, credits Sherraden with what he calls “real growth.” “When our team leader bought into the systems and models of the Growth Initiative and focused on the proven activities that drive that growth, we grew in agent count and in market share.”

Johns says it is the Language of Real Estate (LORE) that attracts agents who want to be a part of the No. 1 brokerage in Kansas City. Pam Hendrix, ALC member, agrees with the power of intentional conversations, “Lucas and the staff have created a culture of productivity where agents and team members all speak one universal language. There is no room for or attention given to low-minded conversations. The focus of the discussions in the office are around leadership, growth, listings, market share, skills, preparing for the shift and giving  back. At our ALC meetings, where anyone can attend, Lucas and Mindy Gaines, our assistant team leader, model how the Four Conversations are properly utilized.

Mindy stands at the white board and Lucas leads the coaching discussion through the Four Conversations, which are used to evaluate our actions and outcomes. In addition, at every team meeting Lucas is sharing how we are competing in the market as well as talking points, which we as agents can carry forward to listing presentations.”

The leadership team hosts weekly classes to promote, teach, train and communicate the goals and methods of the Growth Initiative and to encourage 100 percent participation and implementation.

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The steady and sizable growth solidifies Overland Park’s value in the market and validates a seller’s decision to work with an agent in the office. Top producers are attracted by the numbers and the outstanding reputation of the market center, where Hendrix explains there is a “culture of abundance and collaboration” that makes agents want to join and stay. “When top producers join our market center, our market share increases and the dominoes continue to fall in our direction. It makes it easier for all of us!”

Sherraden says that, for him, it has never been solely about recruiting. “I’m presenting a business platform that changed my life.” With more than 450 agents and counting in Overland Park, Sherraden points to the Growth Initiative as a way to stay out of weak conversations and keep agents focused on results. MCA Adrienne Usher adds that the tools create a positive universal language and do not need to be edited or augmented. She encourages, “Do not be creative with your systems. They are already proven. Make the decision and put forth the eff ort to be all in! Just run the play!”

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