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Aug 7, 2017 2:25:52 PM

JD Tomlin, of the Keller Williams Realty Frisco (Texas) market center, was one of the early adopters of the KW Mobile App when it first launched in 2015, and he continues to see great success with it today! With 39 listings sold to date for the year, Tomlin is on track to reach his goal of 83 listings sold – and he credits the KW Mobile App and CGI tools for helping him get there!

Staying Top of Mind with Your Mobile App

Tomlin loves many things about the KW Mobile App, but what really impresses him is that it’s mobile app snip.jpguniquely branded to him and he doesn’t have to pay extra for it (because every Keller Williams associate has one in their suite of real estate technology tools!). “It has a great interface and is simple to use, so clients love it too,” Tomlin says. “With numerous real estate search apps out there, it’s a lot easier to talk to clients about an app you own and understand. And this one really is the most accurate and helpful app,” he adds.

In the first month of the KW Mobile App launch, Tomlin had 400 downloads and the effort is paying off in a big way. “We have an average of 1 to 2 listing leads per month as a result of our branded app,” Tomlin says. “The app helps keep us top of mind with leads because it puts so much information in their hands and makes it so simple for them to contact us.”

Noting that people can lose business cards and forget names, Tomlin sees great value in having a branded app which allows people to contact him directly through it. “We want to ensure that our app is on every client’s and prospective client’s phone or tablet. And we want to make sure they are using it regularly.” How does he do that? He stays in touch and stays top of mind!

Top Reasons to Use the KW Mobile App

  1. It allows for direct client-agent communications right in the app.
  2. Every KW associate gets one included in their technology package at no additional charge.
  3. Clients are already using a real estate search app, so make sure they are on yours!

"We are in the business of helping people. The more apps we get downloaded, the more people we can help," says Tomlin. 

Sharing the Value of Your KW Mobile App

In Person: Tomlin’s preferred method for getting people to download his app is to do it for them. He asks if they need help and walks them through the easy install right there. It takes just about as much time as handing a business card and shaking a hand. And, once it is on their device, you know they won’t forget about you.

For people who are not ready at that precise moment to download the app, Tomlin gives them a special business card he created for his app which walks them through the download. “Sometimes people don’t want to give you their contact info, so having them install your app is a safe way for them to still get information and reach out to you when they are ready,” he says.

By Text: Tomlin texts prospective clients the moment he receives their phone number. Sometimes he does it right there while they are together in person. “It’s fresh in their mind and, if I am standing right there, I can help them if they have any questions,” Tomlin says.

By Email: Tomlin continuously reminds everyone in his database about the value they will receive from using his KW Mobile App. “It’s actually a fun app to use,” Tomlin says. “When people are out driving around and they come to a neighborhood they like, I tell them to open their app and see what’s available. If they see something they like, they can favorite it and I will reach out to help them schedule a showing.”  

By Social Media: In recent years, social media marketing has become less of an option and more of a requirement for agents looking to reach as many prospective clients as possible. This is why Tomlin uses social media platforms to spread the word about how his mobile app is helping people buy or sell a home. “We do fun promotions and giveaways on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for people who download the app,” he says.

Using the CGI to Track and Convert

Using his KW Mobile App to attract prospective clients is just one part of capturing and converting leads. Agents also need to be having the right conversations and doing the right activities to reach their goals. Enter the Career Growth Initiative (CGI) – another incredible tool available only to Keller Williams associates!

“The CGI helps keep our priorities and focus on the main things that lead to business – leads, listings and leverage,” Tomlin says.

Using the Four Conversations, Tomlin focuses on setting appointments and tracking his listings taken, listings closed and gross commission income earned. “It gives me focus every day to stay on task and do what it takes to get to my goal numbers,” he says.

With half of his team comprised of agents who have only been in the business for two to three years, Tomlin says the CGI tools help them get momentum with their business. “We have a lot of new talent and they are building their reputation and experience. The CGI tools help them set and track measurable goals. The tools also help them identify what conversations they need to be having and how many conversations they need to convert to appointments.”

Tomlin’s success is just one of many that showcases how Keller Williams associates have used KW’s exclusive tools to grow exceptionally profitable and satisfying real estate businesses.

With something so easy and so effective, what are you waiting for? Your leads are waiting for you and now is the time to capture them!

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