How to Succeed in Real Estate: Tips from a Coach

May 23, 2018 8:30:00 AM

Pegged to the corkboard on La Jolla, California, agent Chad Trower’s desk is an ATM statement with a checking account balance of $28.50. It’s a reminder of how far he’s come. When the ATM dispensed that receipt, he’d been plugging away as an agent with a boutique firm in his town, but wasn’t really getting anywhere. In five months’ time, he had closed only one transaction. The only thing he knew to do was not to quit. He was doing everything he could, like rentals and evictions, just to keep his head above water.

2015 HeadshotSoon after, Trower was invited to take BOLD and was drawn to Keller Williams’ mission and values. When he joined the La Jolla market center in the summer of 2016, he immediately took advantage of the office’s free productivity coaching. The difference in his production was drastic: he went from one closing in the first half of the year to nine in the second. Crediting productivity and KW MAPS Coaching, as well as the models and systems that Keller Williams provides, Chad skyrocketed his GCI from $78,000 in 2016 to more than $200,000 in 2017.

Now a productivity coach himself, Trower is passionate about passing it on. “Having a coach helped me grow faster, and I want to help other agents the way I was helped. We all want our businesses to go from A to Z. You can take the slow road or partner with a coach to get there much faster.”

Here, Chad shares some coaching tips to help your business flourish.

  1. Be on time – In the fast-paced world of real estate, agents who are on time land the deal. This is becoming increasingly important as the competition heats up. Being on time is CRITICAL.
  2. Pick up the phone – It’s easy to hide behind messages and texts, but nothing replaces a good old-fashioned phone call. It helps you build relationships you wouldn’t be able to nurture otherwise. It also opens opportunities you didn’t know were possible.
  3. Action Step: Practice your scripts.
  4. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable – When Trower first joined Keller Williams, his productivity coach, Mitch Asa, immediately challenged him to get comfortable with being uncomfortable by calling every contact in his phone and letting them know that he was now an agent with Keller Williams and that he could help them whenever they wanted to buy or sell. It was the first of many gentle pushes out of his comfort zone and something Chad now does on a daily basis. “I don’t enjoy it,” he says, “but I know it works.”

Recent ways that Trower has made himself uncomfortable are as follows:

  • Accepting a challenge from his coach, he wrote a $5,000 check to a charity and gave it to his BOLD instructor, vowing to make good on it if he didn’t secure 10 listings by the end of the eight-week course. With two final listings on the last day of class, Chad stood in front of the room and tore up the check.
  • After circling the house a few times, Chad finally worked up the courage to knock on the door of a $1.3 million listing. He was nervous, but rang the bell anyway. The homeowner told him that an agent was already there, but took his number just in case. Chad didn’t get the listing, but he learned that he had to be quicker, get there sooner; that the price of the listing doesn’t matter; and that sellers are just regular people, too. “It was a good lesson, anyway.”
  • He embraces MASSIVE accountability from two main sources: his wife and his KW MAPS Coach.
  1. Depend on your lists – Each morning, Chad creates gratitude and success lists to help set the tone for the day. “Dianna Kokoszka says to call it a success list rather than a to-do list. That idea has been beneficial to me as I accomplish tasks throughout the day … I realize I am successful.”

Looking for more business-building tips?

  • Make sure to tune into weekly CGI Calls (Monday: 1:00 pm CT) with  John Davis. Ask your leadership how you can be part of the call. 
  • Listen to previous call recordings where agents share all. 
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