Recap: State of Your Company

Aug 9, 2016 5:20:06 PM

Live From Mega Camp

Keller Williams’ CEO Chris Heller and President John Davis kicked off Mega Camp 2016 by co-leading the State of Your Company presentation, which was unscripted to make it a more energized leadership conversation.SOC_Crowd_at_Mega_Camp.pngThe conversation began with a story about Keller Williams’ opportunities, culture of abundance and growth since the implementation of the Growth Initiative in 2011.

“We are the place for intrapreneurs,” Davis said.  “We are all here for opportunity,” Heller continued. “You, the leaders are having the results that top agents get.”


Celebrating Agent Success

Keller Williams’ associates have collectively achieved the following during the first half of 2016:

  • Recruiting appointments are up 30 percent YTD and up 165 percent since 2011.
  • Gross agent gains are up 20 percent YTD and up 127 percent since 2011.
  • Net agent count is also up 20 percent YTD, but when you compare June 2016 with June 2011 net growth increased by 2,000 percent.
  • Units are up 17 percent YTD and up 124 percent since 2011.
  • Volume are up 21 percent YTD and up 194 percent since 2011.
  • GCI is up 20 percent YTD and up 189 percent since 2011.
  • Market center profitability is up. Generally, the franchise world is satisfied with 50 percent profitability, Keller Williams’s franchises are 98 percent profitable YTD.
  • Profit Share/Growth Share is also up 21 percent YTD and up 254 percent since 2011. Cumulative profit share is now at $780 million. It took nine years to hit the first $100 million in profit share. Keller Williams announced that associates topped this in the last nine months.

“That’s doing the right activities at the right time,” Davis said. “You are living a culture of abundance.” “That’s money going to your people and funding their lives,” Heller added.


The Place for Production

Heller and Davis continued the story with a review of all the media attention and industry recognition Keller Williams has enjoyed this year. From being the only real estate franchise to make the Franchise Times “Fast & Serious” list of Smartest-Growing Brands to earning a spot on the Franchise Business Review “Best of the Best list,” it is clear that Keller Williams’ associates are turning heads and their hard work is being recognized.

A few other notable media mentions include:

  • Having more teams by sides than any franchise on the REAL Trends/Wall Street Journal list of top agents and teams.
  • Making up 30 percent of the REAL Trends 500 list with 151 offices. The closest competitor had 94 offices.
  • On RIS Media’s list of top 500 brokerages by volume, Keller Williams had 146 offices, making the franchise, for the first time, the #1 Power Broker by Brand.
  • The company also received two big honors from Training Magazine this year; Outstanding Training Initiative for “Leadership Week” training at KWRI and KW’s Chief Learning Officer Bryon Ellington was named as of the Top 5 Emerging Training Leaders.
  • In the past four years, Stanford Graduate School of Business has studied and recognized Keller Williams culture and found evidence of “An exceptionally strong culture with little variation across market centers.”

Worldwide Momentum

Keller Williams welcomed guests from around the world to Mega Camp. More than 200 guests from two dozen countries attended the event in Austin, Texas.

Among the guests were those from the newest KW Worldwide regions, France/Monaco, Israel, Nicaragua and Poland, all announced and welcomed by Keller Williams Worldwide President Bill Soteroff.

With these latest additions, Keller Williams is now 31 countries strong and growing.

Culture in Action

“With abundance, we have responsibility,” Davis said. “We have a legacy from Katrina, to Joplin to Sandy and now West VirginiaMary_Tennant.jpg.” 

When the floods destroyed parts of West Virginia last month, Keller Williams’ associates stepped up immediately and donated their time and have raised $1.85 million in relief aid to date. This amount includes a generous donation from Gary Keller and an emergency grant from KW Cares. “And 100 percent of these West Virginia funds are going directly to people in need,” said Mary Tennant, a member of the Board of Directors.

Mastering Production

Heller and Davis said that the path to success begins with Ignite, continues to BOLD and then moves on to KW MAPS Mastery, each one funding the next.

Last year, Keller Williams University (KWU) rewrote Ignite and the results are showing up. Agents who took Ignite and are using the Daily 10-4 saw the following results in just three months:

1.6 Closed Units, 1.1 Listings Taken and 3.2 Contracts Written, which equals $43,000 in GCI. “That is 65 percent of cap,” Ellington said.

The story of agent production continues with BOLD. To talk about BOLD, Heller and Davis welcomed John Prescott of director of BOLD to share some impressive statistics about BOLD graduates.  “Graduates experienced a 79 percent increase in GCI and took 128% more seller listings than those not in BOLD,” Prescott said. “Compared with their own performance a year before, these agents saw big results from taking BOLD,” John Prescott said. “Bold isSOC_Dianna_K.jpg your leverage!”

BOLD will be taught in more than 300 locations this year and in October, someone will be the 100,000th BOLD graduate.

Beyond BOLD is Mastery coaching. And, to get the audience excited about the results that can come from coaching, CEO of KW Maps Coaching Dianna Kokoszka took the stage.

“The average Mastery client closes an average of 45 transactions per year,” Kokoszka said.  “And once the agents get going in their market, they get to expand into new ones.”

Expanding to Build Bigger Businesses

“Ignite, BOLD and MAPS set the foundation for Mega Agent Expansion,” Vice President of Mega Agent Expansion Kristan Cole said. “And to expand, you need a solid administrative hub with systems and models, a lead generation lever that produces predictable results and the profit from your home location that allows you to expand. Then you’ve got have that empire building talent in the expansion location you send business to as a referral. It's nothing more than that,” Cole said.

Today, there are 10 expansion agents that are in more than five expansion locations in the United States. “And as Gary reminds us, you could net another $1 million with three additional locations,” Cole said. “It’s a BIG business!”

Cole invited the audience to join the revolution and to start with attending Expansion Systems Orientation (ESO) at KWRI.

The Company You Keep

Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) COO Darrel King introduced leaders of KWRI membership divisions, who each strive every day to provide value for the agents.

First up was Kathy Neu of KW Luxury Homes who announced that they are now in alignment with “This will allow our agents to put their listings on the most widely recognized luxury real estate site on the planet,” Neu said.

Next up was Director of Keller Williams Young Professionals Holly Priestner who talked about three ways KWYP brings leverage. First, they are building the talent bench with the next generation of leaders. Second, KWYP is launching college recruitment initiatives to attract college graduates to market centers. And lastly, KWYP is leveraging local chapters, which are hosting events and adding value to their market centers.

With seven young associates making REALTORS® 30 Under 30 List in 2016, it is clear that Keller Williams is the company of choice for a new generation. “This new generation wants to see value,” Heller said. “They want to see that they can make a difference. They want to see opportunity.”

Director of GPS Matt McPeheely Global Property Specialists (GPS) inspired the audience to think big and by thinking big, consider the entire world.

KW Commercial Director Mark Moreno shared enthusiasm about the great things happening with KW Commercial. “We have the best brand, the best technology and the best agents, so I am confident we will continue to do great things with KW Commercial.”

Turning Up Technology

Chief Innovation Officer Josh Team and Chief Technology Officer Steve Peterschmidt previewed some of the big technology announcements that will be made tomorrow at Mega Tech, including new free market center recruiting websites and Profit Dash, an expense tracking app.

“Profit Dash is an accountant in your pocket,” Team said. Read more about Profit Dash here.

“These are just two of the five announcements we are making,” Team said. For those agents not able to attend Mega Tech, they can get all the information from KW Connect.

Hiring the Right Talent

Leslie Vander Gheynst, Director of Human Resources at KWRI said that with more than 700 market centers already using the KPA and more than 28,000 KPAs have been sent out to potential new team members. Go to KW Connect to learn more.

Marketing Your Story

Marketing & Communications Director Annie Switt showed attendees three tools available to them right now on KWUConnect.

  1. Quarterly Performance Report – This report quickly shows the agents how they are outperforming themselves and outpacing the market.
  2. Quarterly Performance Press Release Templates which can be distributed locally to help agents tell their story to their local media.
  3. Local Expert Tool which empower agents to tell their value story.

Owning Results and Thriving

“When we talk value, we are speaking leadership,” Davis said as he welcomed Stacia Thompson, MCA Driver, to the stage. “What do we stand for MCAs?” Thompson asked the crowd. “Value!” they replied.

Thompson shared some industry figures suggesting the market is already in a shift. “So, we can accept these results and hope for the best or we can own the results and make it the best,” she said.  

As the presentation concluded, Heller and Davis encouraged the audience to focus on doing the right activities at the right time.

Mega Camp continues this week with Mega Tech tomorrow and Mega Agent taking place on Thursday and Friday. KW associates can follow event coverage on the KW Blog and KWConnect.

Take it from Heller and Davis and get in front of the shift now.

“As Jack Welch said, the shift is not to be feared and it’s not to be denied. The shift is here and this is our opportunity to go on offense and play defense. Get after you activities!” Davis said. 

“Earn your unfair share. What you grab in a shift, you never give up. And what you don’t grab you’ll never get,” Heller said

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