Make Sure Your Talent Never Leaves

May 23, 2017 11:34:40 AM


Finding, hiring and retaining top talent is crucial. Because although real estate turnover varies from place to place, the effects are the same – low workplace morale, a decrease in productivity and, ultimately, a hit to your bottom line. This is why Keller Williams has introduced two new courses: 30-60-90 and Success Through Others.

These courses join Career Visioning and the KPA in the Leverage Series. Where Career Visioning and the KPA are focused on helping teams bring the best talent on board, 30-60-90 and Success Through Others is all about keeping them!

“Career Visioning has had such a profound impact on the way our associates and our leadership do business,” says Leslie Vander Gheynst, KPA/Leverage driver. “With 30-60-90 and Success Through Others, we now have a purposeful way to continue the relationship with our talented new hires and make sure that the talent that has changed our lives never leaves.”


Whether you’re growing a team or onboarding your very first hire, 30-60-90 can help you set up your new hires for success in their role within your organization. When teams establish a purposeful first 90 days, they ensure that a new hire is forming the right habits to help fulfill their vision for the business. Also, when a hire is empowered to quickly achieve their goals, teams are able to redesign and strengthen systems that grow their businesses.

Why 90 Days?

Vander Gheynst explains that the first 90 days provide a unique opportunity for teams to prepare a new hire or recruit for a 30-day hiring cycle and set clear expectations right away.  

“By setting really great expectations, clearly defined goals, and purposeful training 30 days at a time, we have the ability to see our new hire function in the role that we hired them for,” she says. “Before we get too deep into the relationship with this person, we can gracefully exit if we see that our partnership with our new hire is out of alignment.”

Success Through Others

In Success Through Others, you will discover how to pour into your talented team members to make sure you create opportunities that fulfill their needs. The philosophy is that after years of providing a business with consistent results, a team member has earned the opportunity to build an empire within the business. Vander Gheynst warns that there are risks if a business fails to do this.

“Talent is always looking for ways to grow and is always looking to be in partnership with other talented individuals. If your amazing team member (that is changing your business) sees you as the lid for their growth, they will look elsewhere – and they will easily find an opportunity with someone who will allow them to live to their full potential. When this person leaves, you will feel the impact of their departure!”

Views from the Field

When Adam Hergenrother, chief executive officer at Hergenrother Enterprises and operating principal of the Green Mountain market center, learned about 30-60-90 and Success Through Others, he couldn’t wait to get on board as an instructor. After receiving his certification, he took the courses on the road and has heard positive reviews at each stop.

“The people I teach have mastered the process of finding and hiring talent, and then they get stuck. These courses are the road map for them to cultivate the talent that they’ve hired and show them how to exit a relationship if it’s not working. This is the process that they have been waiting for to build even bigger and more cohesive businesses.”

He believes the courses provide an effective solution to the retention challenges business leaders may be experiencing.

“The challenge I see and hear from so many business leaders is that they make a great hire and don't know what to do with them. 30-60-90 teaches leaders how to get their team members producing quickly and how to hold them accountable through fact-based conversations instead of emotional ones.”

Turn your business into a place talent would never leave

By following the courses in the Leverage Series, nurturing your new hires and keeping them is made easy!

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