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Jul 12, 2017 2:33:48 PM


A lot of people will tell you to dream big. Keller Williams associate Keven Stirdivant, of the Long Beach pacific estates (Calif.) market center, will tell you to dream bigger.

rsz_1out_front_preview-15.jpgSet some huge, ridiculous goals that make you very nervous,” Stirdivant advises. “Set some goals that people laugh at. That’s where the excitement is, that feeling of ‘Oh my God, could that really happen?’”

As Stirdivant himself has shown, it most definitely can. From humble beginnings, he’s now the kind of agent who can land a $15.9 million listing

“I’m a high school dropout, my mom was on welfare, I didn’t go to college, I’m a skateboarder, and now I’m making a million a year selling real estate and changing the game,” he says. “That’s reality.”

In 2016, Stirdivant’s KASE Real Estate closed 134 transactions for $84.5 million in volume. This year, they’re already up to 66 units and $52 million in volume.

That confidence in the future comes by way of a wholehearted commitment to his team, his goals and his five daily expectations (see sidebar). His entire day is centered on those commitments, from when his alarm goes off at 4:47 a.m. until dinner with his family. The 47 in the number refers to the clothing company his best friend founded before he died in 2011.

“He’s my No. 1 inspiration,” Stirdivant says. “After I get up, I do a process called AID, which stands for appreciation, intention and delegation. I write out my AID and sit quietly with that for 10 minutes before the kids wake up and the house turns into a madhouse. Then I either go boxing or on a five- to six-mile bike ride. I get home and have breakfast with the kids. I look at my goals for the day, and I’m off to the office. I run an office meeting everyday at 8 a.m. I do phones from 9 a.m. to noon., various business activities from noon to 2 p.m., and then it’s appointments and knocking on 50 doors. I try to be home by 6 or 7:30 at the latest. It’s very important that I make it home for dinner. I don’t work on Sundays, but I do work a half day on Saturday.”

During those jam-packed days, Stirdivant makes meaning out of the madness

“It’s all about enjoying the experience,” he says. “It’s about being conscious of the energy you’re putting out there and following the three-step process to the law of attraction – ask, believe, receive.”

Stirdivant did exactly that to land that $15.9 million listing.

“I asked for a $15 million listing on Sept. 1,” he says. “That’s three times more than any listing I’ve ever had. I got it 21 days later. That’s the big thing – asking from the future, not the past or the present. That’s how you make a quantum leap. We get caught up on the ‘hows’ and that stops us from asking. James Cameron didn’t know how to create a movie with that kind of technology when he made ‘Avatar.’ You can’t always know the how. If you know how, you’re playing too small.”

One of Stirdivant’s ‘hows’ came from joining KW Luxury International this summer.

“I think it helps on a listing presentation to be able to say that I’m a part of this other group, to show that there’s 165,000 Keller Williams agents and only about 2,000 in this other group,” says Stirdivant, who estimates his personal business at about 90 percent luxury.

When it came time to craft his listing presentation for the $15.9 million home, Stirdivant was told going in that he had only a 1 percent shot.

“It’s tough because there are people who have been established for as long as I’ve been alive,” he says. “It’s not so much about selling them on me as on selling them on how homes are sold. Most times, the listing agent doesn’t sell the house, but I’m going to call every single person in the United States that has sold a home above $10 million and I’m going to do 10 of those pitches a day, 50 pitches a week and 200 pitches a month. Do you want someone like that, or do you want someone who just runs an ad in the paper? Those people have already made it. They already have 10 other listings at $15 million. Having this listing is going to change my life, and I know that, so I’m going to put my energy toward that. Isn’t that who you want as a guard dog for your equity?”

Instead of the standard newspaper ads, Stirdivant has had big results by harnessing social media and Instagram, in particular. As @kaserealestate on Instagram, Stirdivant uses the photo-heavy medium both as an avenue to showcase his listings and to sell recruits on his team via hashtags like #FromSkateToRealEstate.

“Most of my team members are under 35, and collectively, we have more than 100,000 followers,” he says. “A lot of us are artists and skateboarders, and that’s very appealing to people on Instagram. Our purpose is always to educate or inspire people through the deals we’re up to and by sharing our clients’ stories. It’s very interactive and very informative about the process. Naturally, I get skateboarders and artists and all these people saying, ‘You make real estate cool.’”

That perception shift has been a valuable recruiting tool in adding new members to his team

“To be on KASE, you have to invest in yourself,” Stirdivant says. “It costs $5,000 for a 100-day internship. Once you commit to that, it weeds out the people who just want to hang out. At the end, you either made it or you didn’t. I’ve recruited 35 people and only three didn’t make it.”

The KASE internship may sound intense, but it has to be in order to reach Stirdivant’s big goals.

“My ultimate vision is to have the No. 1 real estate team in the world, to be able to coach full time, to have KASE known for having more millionaires than any other team in existence and to focus on selling masterpiece architecture on a global level,” he says. “I have no idea how that’s going to happen. I can see it, I can feel it and I can taste it, and I’m getting closer,” Stirdivant says.

Stirdivant believes in remaining true to oneself and always being genuine. “Having these huge ridiculous goals makes me walk different now. It makes me bite my tongue when I want to say something to a certain person. I can’t let my energy get messed up. You have to remember that you can’t be one kind of person and a different kind of salesperson,” Stirdivant cautions. “The more you work on being a good person with your family, your social circle, with your office and all this stuff outside of real estate, the easier it’s going to be to get to work and kill it.”

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This story originally appeared in OutFront magazine. It has been updated.


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