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Apr 8, 2016 1:36:26 PM

How real estate agents can make the most of Pinterest

Social media is a marketing and branding gold mine for real estate agents. Among Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, there is also the popular platform Pinterest. Like Instagram, Pinterest is visually based using photos as the main feature. In fact, users can’t share something on Pinterest unless there is an image. Ready to pin, but need some inspiration? We can help. upload_photos_to_a_computer.pngSo what’s the point? The goal of Pinterest is to connect people through the topics they find mutually interesting by the use of captivating imagery.

Pinterest is unique in that content has a long shelf life because it is shared consistently over a long period of time.

Because of its layout style, pins are not dated the way posts are on Facebook and Twitter and thus have a longer shelf life.

How Pinterest works
A Pinterest board is a virtual “idea board” that can be viewed and shared by your followers. Every user can create numerous boards under one account. For example, a real estate agent may have a board where they pin ideas on home staging and another board for pinning curb appeal examples.

Each pin has a description that links directly to the Website where the image or video originated from. As a result, this can help drive traffic to your Websites and blogs when you pin your original content.  

Once a pin is shared, anyone who follows that board can like it and re-pin it to one of their boards. Then, that pin is viewable by their followers and can be shared, and so on. This means there is a lot of visibility available for a single pin.

How to pin
After you have set-up your Pinterest account, you are ready to start "pinning." Each pin will have a description, a link and a designated board.

  • Description – When writing your description, compose something catchy and creative. On Pinterest, you have a maximum of 500 characters, although it’s suggested to keep your descriptions around 200 - 250 characters. Take advantage of relevant hashtags and key words so your pins are easily found by Pinterest’s search feature. 
  • Link – The link is where the image will take the user; double-check to make sure it is linked properly. When possible, link back to your Website or blog where the content lives.
  • Designated board – When posting a new pin, you will be given a drop-down menu of all the boards you have created. Choose the board that best fits your pin.



Pinterest Board Suggestions for Real Estate Agents

Now that you understand how Pinterest works and what its purpose is, it’s time to get to work. Here are some ideas on how to build a Pinterest board that will attract and keep followers.

Create multiple boards: Your board doesn’t have to be one-dimensional. In fact, the more “business personal” you are, the better. Create multiple boards to showcase your business as well as your interests. For example, create a separate board for your listings, your real estate projects, your community and more.

Home listings: Create a board for your current listings to gain more listing exposure. Use photos that grab attention: a beautiful view, an expansive master bathroom, a luxurious kitchen, etc. How you organize your listings is entirely up to you. You can even use more than one board for your listings broken out by key features, location, or type of property. The photos in the pin should link back to the listing information you have on your Website. Don’t be “salesy” in your pin – just highlight the beautiful features. People who are not potential buyers may still re-pin as an idea for their current home.

Optimize your post by loading your description with keywords, relevant hashtags, and a call-to-action (i.e click on the picture to go to the full listing).

Neighborhood/Community board: Create a board for each of the neighborhoods you have listings in. The boards can be topics like historical information, upcoming events, date points, maps, developments, restaurants, shopping, etc. 

Company/Staff photos: Pinterest, like all social media, is about building trust with your followers. A great way to make your Pinterest board personal for your followers is to create a board that showcases you and your team so that your followers feel connected to you.

Interior design: Research shows that the most popular real estate photos are of master baths, kitchens, landscaping, and unique architectural features. You can build several boards about designs and features, and even separate the boards by styles, traditions, color palettes, etc.

Tips for home staging: Staging is a hot topic in real estate, and it’s a subject that garners a lot of visual attention. Photos of well-staged homes, before/after and staging tips are sure to prompt re-pins.

Home renovation projects: Home renovations are very popular images among DIY’ers and home owners. This is a wide subject that can be broken down to a multitude of boards. Pin ideas include:
  • weekend projects
  • complete renovations
  • bathroom
  • kitchen
  • outdoor / landscaping
  • flooring

Other boards to follow and create

Pinterest has what are called “group boards.” Agents can find numerous group boards in the real estate niche where one can ask to become a member. Being in a group Pinterest board gives you the potential to be seen by a lot more eyes, as well as a place to find content to get ideas from and share.

Lastly, be sure to create a “secret board” where you can pin ideas for future content, but don’t share them with your audience yet.

Here are more tips from Pinterest on how to pin like a pro.

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