How to Take Territory in a Tight Inventory Market

Dec 4, 2017 9:00:00 AM

Situated along the Pacific coast, San Diego, Calif., is one of the nation’s hottest housing markets – so hot that supply is having a hard time keeping up with demand. Home to beautiful beaches and high-end homes, the city is also home to Keller Williams Mega Agent Daniel Beer, owner and CEO of the Beer Home Team in the San Diego North Inland market center. Despite the shortage of inventory, Beer and his team are still taking territory. A lot of territory!


Beer and his team closed out 2016 with a total of $151 million in volume and 188 units. And they are on track to surpass that in 2017.

“There are many different components that come together to close the kind of volume our team does,” says Beer, noting that it’s not just one thing that works – it’s about being clear on what you want to accomplish, defying the status quo and telling a story that can capture a large audience.

Going Above and Beyond

Beer has always known he would never settle for average. Considering that it would take the average agent more than 56 years to sell what Beer sold in 2015 alone, it is clear that he is achieving his goal.

“Clients are easily frustrated by the status quo approach to real estate and deserve more,” says Beer. To better serve his clients, Beer identified where gaps in the industry were and closed them with exceptional customer service, which has garnered the attention of numerous publications including The Wall Street Journal and REAL Trends. Laura Branca, chief operating officer of the Beer Home Team, shares how they go above and beyond to provide exceptional customer service:

  • We promise: During our initial appointment with our clients, we promise that we will deliver the ultimate experience centered on communication and transparency from the minute we begin working together to after the closing. We reiterate our promise at the beginning of every transaction and encourage our clients to let us know at any time if we are not providing them with superior customer service. This was a concept Beer borrowed from Michael Hicks. 
  • We over-deliver: Through the use of a very detailed process, clearly identified communication expectations and a CRM with targeted automation, we try to overdeliver on our promise.
  • We listen and close the loop: After every closing, I send a one-question survey requesting a score of 1-10. Our team is diligent about follow-up to obtain the score. We circle back with the client to let them know their input is valued and how it has been used to implement new efficiencies, processes and standards.
Telling Your Story

“To take territory, you need to get your name out there – everywhere!” Beer says. Understanding the importance of capturing the widest audience possible, Beer uses several different methods to achieve this.

For starters, he doesn’t go light on open house signage. When the Beer Home Team has an open house, residents can expect to see upward of 60 signs in the area. With their eye-catching design and vibrant colors, it’s impossible to miss these strategically placed signs. Beer says he also relies heavily on direct marketing mailers and targeted radio advertisements to reach potential clients.

Embracing the vast reach available on social media, Beer recently crafted a Facebook Live show called “Real Estate Exposed”. This show is a way for him to connect with current and prospective clients through education.

“We wanted to do this show because we want to help buyers and sellers become more informed and feel more comfortable during their real estate transactions,” says Beer.

Succeeding in the Current Market

In the first half of 2017, the industry has seen inventory levels near record lows, particularly for entrylevel housing. OutFront asked Beer what advice he would give other agents looking to thrive in the current market when inventory is low. “The tips I would give are the same in any market,” he says. “You just have to do more of it right now because there are fewer listings available.”

“SHIFT (a book written by Gary Keller, co-founder of Keller Williams) talks about strategy in a shifting market that is turning into a recession – we have a recession of listings right now with very tight inventory, so you need to double down on the activities to get the same results.” He also suggests getting more creative with your approach to crafting your story and making sure you differentiate yourself enough to stand out. “When you have your own unique way to tell your story and compare it to the industry, the story catches eyes.”

Looking for more ways to stand out? Flip to page three of OutFront Magazine for a step-by-step guide on creating your unique selling proposition! 

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This story originally appeared in OutFront Magazine Issue 14.2. It was written by Allison Teegardin. 

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