Technology for Top Talent

Aug 31, 2016 2:33:06 PM

Hiring Tips

Millennials are taking over the workforce and we need to be ready! This is the largest and most diverse demographic we have ever seen and technology is key to tapping into this talent pool. Here are three platforms to help you showcase the value and opportunity you offer employees.technology_tool.jpgWe are all guilty of being glued to our phones, but millennials take it to another level. Sixty-six percent are using multiple mobile devices daily; they check their phones an average of 45 times a day and send and receive an average of more than 88 text messages. Sixty-seven percent are looking for jobs through social media networks.

These tech-savvy titans use technology for EVERYTHING and we have to meet them where they are – online! It’s important that you leverage technology to demonstrate that you are a top workplace filled with opportunity.

Use these three platforms to get you started:

LinkedIn – LinkedIn is a valuable tool to spotlight you as a leader and a business owner. Spending the time to fully complete your profile will pay dividends later. Cast your vision in the summary section. Show your values and business culture by sharing the training you are attending and your community participation. Your LinkedIn profile will demonstrate the standard you have for talent entering your world – make it strong!


Indeed – Indeed proudly claims it is the world’s #1 job site. While that might just be their marketing, I agree! Build a company page – for free – that shows your mission, vision, values, beliefs and perspective. Include pictures and videos that show culture and fun. Post jobs on Indeed and the postings will tie back to your incredible company profile.


Glassdoor – Talent is researching you and relying on ratings when making a decision about your organization. Glassdoor is known for employer ratings and, like Indeed, it provides a free platform to tell your company story. The planned storytelling is necessary. What makes Glassdoor even better is the opportunity for your team members to have a voice – telling why your organization is the best place to work in their own words. Encouraging ratings and an online dialogue about your world shows candidates that you are more than just talk - you are also action.

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