The Blessing in Challenges

Nov 9, 2016 2:16:50 PM


We all face challenges throughout our lives. The victories come from how we handle those challenges and move forward. Keller Williams associates Carissa and Jay Acker have offices in Dallas/Ft. Worth, San Antonio and Round Rock, Texas, and at Mega Camp 2016, they spoke to Gary Keller about the challenges they have faced along their journey and how they emerged stronger each time.  

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Last year, Carissa became seriously ill after a vacation which led her to discover she had a bleeding disorder. As Carissa would heal from one condition, she would have yet another diagnosis. But she didn’t let this health setback get her or her business down.

“You have a business. You have a family. What do you do when this happens?” Keller asked Carissa. “I have told myself, everyone has something,” she said. “Whether it is health or family, we all have something to work through.” Carissa credits her KW MAPS Coach for helping her with her attitude and mindset to get her to a place where she can accept the challenges and say, “Everything is fine. It is always fine.”

As for what it takes to manage the daily activities, Carissa says it’s about having leverage. “We were fortunate to have such great people on our team so that I could drop everything,” Carissa said about when she was ill. Keller pointed out that because the Ackers had built a business in lieu of a job, the business could still operate even when one was away. “That’s the difference with job income, because that goes away,” Keller said. “That’s the challenge of staying at a lower level of real estate sales. There is nothing wrong with it – fabulous income – but it is income coming to you in a different way.”

Here are some other lessons learned from the Ackers' challenges:

“This really forced us to clearly define the roles on our team,” Jay said.

“It taught us to work smarter and have weekly accountability meetings,” Carissa said.

Carissa and Jay’s challenges forced them to create leverage and find the blessings that come from that. Keller asked Carissa, “Based on this journey, if you could give any advice, what would you tell us?”

“When you spend a lot of time in a doctor’s office, you have a lot of time to reflect,” she said. “Making sure you have a coach and putting time in for things like that. And thinking about your value proposition, thinking about running your team more like a business – it’s the one thing we don’t really make time for and now I have a little more time like that to commit.”

Whatever challenge you may be facing, take it from the Ackers and stop to take a moment and reflect. Then regroup and conquer. “Just when you think you have it all figured out, tear it down, make sure everything is running as it should be and surround yourself with great people,” Jay said.

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