The Power of Quantum Leap – Natalie’s Story

Jun 23, 2016 11:45:23 AM

Paying It Forward

Natalie’s story is just one example of how KW Kids Can's Quantum Leap is helping individuals experience a mindset shift and inspiring them to take action!

KW Kids Can is teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs and world leaders how to gain a competitive edge, no matter what industry they pursue. By introducing young adults to concepts, principles and concrete tools unlike anything they’ve come across in a traditional classroom, KW Kids Can is enabling individuals to succeed at the highest level.__mykw_Natalie_469X155.png

Those who have attended KW Kids Can’s life lessons and productivity course, Quantum Leap (QL), have reported making changes in their life, both large and small, as a direct result. While some have been inspired to obtain higher education or focus on accelerating their professional growth, others have decided to take the leap and start their own business or charity.

Here is the story of a young woman who experienced Quantum Leap and who shared how, as a result, she found her life’s mission and passion.

“Chief Inspiration Officer”

Meet Natalie Lemas from Boise, Idaho. Natalie has been involved in real estate her whole life. The family commercial real estate business was founded by her mother Nancy Lemas of The Nancy Lemas Team.

At just 13 years old, Natalie assisted her mother in the creation and execution of an experiential leadership camp for teens. In the many years since, she has been instrumental in shaping the camp’s activities, leadership, reflections and take-aways.

As she’s grown older, Natalie has continued to be a pivotal player in both organizations. She was leading her family’s real estate and property management business, but felt torn by her heart’s desire to create something enormous and positively impact the lives of as many young people as she could.

“I did not know how I would accomplish this desire,” Natalie says. “At times, I questioned if I was capable enough, good enough or strong enough.”

That was until she went to Quantum Leap.

The Quantum Leap workshop was the first time Natalie sat down and thought through her life. “I had an idea of what my life’s mission was, but I wasn’t willing to claim it or own it. I owned it after Quantum Leap,” she says.  “Decisions became very easy to make and my life direction was defined.”

QL_Mindset_Group25.jpgAt Quantum Leap, she learned that life is lived from the “inside to the outside.” Visualizing the movie of her life, frame by frame, was necessary for it to become realized. “Gary Keller talked about how we get to make all of the rules for our life and that a good life is when you get to live out your vision.”

Within months after attending Quantum Leap, Natalie formed TIPPS (Transform, Inspire, Provide, Prevent and Support), a nonprofit leadership camp for young adults to achieve post-secondary education success.

“Through the process of forming TIPPS, I learned to trust more than ever in my life,” Natalie says. “I learned to fight through the fear and to replace thoughts of doubt with thoughts of faith. I used the BOLD laws to help me create the mindset that would allow my dreams to manifest. Quantum Leap provided the framework, tools and mindset I required to begin planning and envisioning my future. It helped me realize that success is the ability to live out your life’s mission and vision. I now know that I have everything it takes to transform my life from good to great!”

TIPPS is already making a massive impact in her community. A local community college sent all of their students to a camp that Natalie held and she’s seen impressive results from her mentoring and peer-to-peer clubs. “I’m proud to say that 99 percent of the TIPPS students continued on to their second semester of college.” This is a huge feat considering the fact that 80 percent of TIPPS students came from alternative high schools and 90 percent are first generation college students.

__KWNow_150X150_3.pngNatalie’s story is just one example of how this powerful course is helping individuals experience a mindset shift and even more importantly, inspiring them to take action! This summer, you can directly help KW Kids Can reach its goal of forever impacting the lives of 10,000 more young adults.

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