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Aug 9, 2016 5:53:33 PM

CGI Tools

Following four panels covering each of The Four Conversations, market center leaders and mega agents dug into each of the of the Career Growth Initiative (CGI) tools. Leaders and mega agents from various market centers shared what they love about the tools, how they are implementing them in their offices and on their teams and what this means for their future.

Every panel began with leadership sharing their market center’s vision and how they are helping their agents kick-start the CGI.  

Each market center had a unique strategy for rolling the CGI out in their office. Some created contests and held events to showcase the new CGI tools, while others divided up agent lists and contacted each agent one by one to set up goal-setting conversations. But there is one thing each market center on stage had in common – they got their agents excited about talking about their goals.

Here’s what they all had to say and why they believe every Keller Williams associate should be using the CGI tools right now.


The CGI Calculator

Mega Agent Alex Fenske, of the Orland Park market center, thought when he first heard about the CGI tools that it was just seven more things he had to do. However, he quickly realized that wasn’t the case. “These tools are actually time savers,” Fenske said. “They save me time because they centralize all the numbers I was already tracking and help me be more accountable.” To get started with the CGI Calculator, agents contact their leadership and discuss their Big Why so they can chart the activities it will take to get there.

Monthly Listings

Speaking of activities, the next tool Listings (Monthly) allows agents to get laser-focused on their numbers. Mega Agent Cathy Banu, of the Ridgewood market center, said using this tool she can now tell you the exact day she will be profitable and, “Since we are in a shift, I can see when I can spend money and when I shouldn’t.”


Mega Agent Steven Pilkington, of the Denver Tech market center, shared how the Pipeline Tool gives him the ability to really see inside his business. “As Gary says, ‘Know your numbers, know your business,’” Pilkington said. “So I adopted CGI right away.” Pilkington is using the CGI, specifically the Pipeline Tool, to take a 90-day snapshot of his business and work with the members on his team to ensure they reach their three transactions per month standard. “This tool lets us see what activities are leading to the results and where we should focus our time,” he said.

Agent Trend

Once the goals are set, the activities are identified and the numbers are tracked, it’s time to look at trends. Mega Agent Chad Smith, of the Arlington (Texas) market center, takes the Agent Trend reports to his weekly team meetings every Monday and goes over it with the associates. “This allows everyone to see where the wins are and where the opportunities are,” Smith said.


The numbers tell a story beyond the agent’s individual production. The LORE helps agents see how their activities compare with their market. Brett Jennings, of the Los Gatos market center, said, “It’s cool to know you are on a winning team when you see the results on the LORE. Using the LORE report with sellers to show them how well you are doing in comparison to the board is very powerful.”

Local Expert

Ken Wimberly, mega agent of the Arlington (Texas) market center shared how CGI tools, including the Local Expert tool, help KW Commercial agents as well. “It’s a phenomenal tool for any agent,” Wimberly said. “I track my goals, my team tracks theirs and we have a conversation on a weekly basis. We look at the reality.” By using the Local Expert tools, Wimberly and other agents can provide the facts and figures, which help establish validity and show value.

Company Dollar

Mega agent Jay White of the Ballantyne Area market center always had some form of tracking his business, but it wasn’t until he had the CGI tools that he started to track revenue as compared to expenses. “Since real estate is a lag business, this was a crucial missing step,” White said. “We can look back at the listing numbers and adjust it. If I’m not hitting income, I go back to my activities.”

All the CGI tools are available for KW associates on KWUConnect.

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