Top Agents Open up About Why They Joined Keller Williams

May 17, 2017 11:36:41 AM


Every day, top-producing agents are turning heads as they make the move to Keller Williams. While the reason for making a brokerage change is personal for each and every agent, the desire to grow personally and professionally is evident in all.

Meet two agents, featured in OutFront Magazine, who are now proud to call KW home.

Melissa Machat

Las Vegas, Nev.

Melissa Machat-1.jpgMelissa Machat of Las Vegas, Nev., has been a successful solo real estate for six years, but in 2016, she was ready to grow a team.

“In January 2016, I decided that I wanted to build a team. I had been relying entirely on my own production, but I knew there must be a better way to do business and balance my life,” Machat says. “I re-read The Millionaire Real Estate Agent and the dots connected for me; this is exactly what I was trying to do.”

“It had been ingrained in me that the more I produce, the more successful I am. But what I really wanted was a successful business, a company that was functioning and self-reliant. Coming to Keller Williams literally saved my business.”

Machat says that the Keller Williams road map of models, systems, as well as Mega Agent Expansion opportunities attracted her to the company. But that wasn’t the only reason.“The amount of opportunity in this company is unbelievable and what agents are achieving is inspiring. The idea of expansion is beyond motivating to me, and I’ve already taken Career Visioning, BOLD and ESO twice.”

Machat and her team joined Keller Williams in October 2016. She emphasizes the importance of balance in life between her career and her husband and their two dogs. “I want to be the best agent I can be. Now I know how to achieve it, while also living the best life I can live.”

Alice Chin

Naperville, Ill.

Alice Chin.jpg

Naperville, Ill., is recognized as a top community in which to live.

The quaint and picturesque city has made headlines for its outstanding quality of life. Keller Williams associate and Naperville native Alice Chin uses her in-depth knowledge of the city to showcase herself as the local expert.

The Alice Chin Team has been ranked the #1 residential real estate team in Naperville for the last two years in sales units and total volume.

Despite the laurels in her business, Chin says that, for the last couple of years, she actually felt like she was hitting a wall. “The spark of work was dulling and I started to question what more was out there,” Chin says. “The team leader and operating principal of my market center sought to understand how they could help me. They listened to me, they got to know me and helped me to fi gure out what I was missing in my business.”

Last year, Chin attended the Expansion Systems Orientation course at Keller Williams Realty International in Austin, Texas, and says, “That was totally out of the box for me. Doors were opening all over the place, and my future became brighter. The environment at Keller Williams is like none other. It’s truly a culture of caring and has the agents’ best interests at the forefront.” Since making the move to Keller Williams in September 2016, Chin has assembled a brand-new team of nine including an inside sales agent, buyers specialists, and a listing specialist.

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