Shifting to Sphere: Omaha Agent Changes Course and Nearly Triples His Income

Apr 2, 2018 12:17:20 PM

With a new baby on the way, $45,000 in GCI just wasn’t going to cut it for Tyson Compton. He was working long hours chasing internet leads as part of a team at another brokerage. His second year in, he upped his income to nearly $75,000, but the constant rush for leads followed by dead ends was exhausting. “If I didn’t connect with a lead within five minutes of receiving their information, the chance of making contact with them was slim,” he explains. “I felt like I was leaving a lot of money on the table.”

Tyson_ComptonThinking real estate may not be right for him, he jumped to a sales position in another industry. Though he was good at his job, by six months in, he knew it wasn’t the path for him. As a former Marine, “serving others” pumps through Compton’s veins. He explains, “I felt empty inside. I knew I had a higher calling to serve people, to protect and help them through some of the biggest decisions of their lives.”

With a resolve to treat real estate as a craft and a profession, Compton returned to his former brokerage in January 2017. He had new goals and new ideas, but his team suggested he lower his expectations. When he took BOLD in the spring of that year, Compton says he saw the writing on the wall.

Making the leap to Keller Williams Realty Omaha in March 2017, he found a supportive, nurturing environment that was ripe for growth. Compton felt that old inextinguishable fire of service ignite again. “I love being a mentor. I love finding solutions for people who don’t see a way through an obstacle. This is my purpose.”

In the right conditions, growth is a natural process. Compton took hold of Keller Williams’ models and systems and immediately shifted his focus from internet leads to his sphere. He employed the Pipeline report, internalized the Four Conversations, had productivity talks with his team leader, and made the CGI tools a framework for his business. Within a month, Compton had traction. By the end of 2017, just nine months after switching his lead generation strategy, Compton closed the year with $200,000 in his pocket.

Now his business is based almost entirely on sphere and referrals. He’s fulfilling his mission to serve and come from contribution. His sphere is growing, his leads are stronger, and his average price point has shifted up.

Recently, Compton moved with his wife and baby daughter into a safer neighborhood. The productivity tools have helped him maximize his time, so he’s fully present when he’s not working. “Now my wife can stay home with our daughter three days per week.” Plus, as Compton says, “It’s a lot more fun!”

If you would like to develop or grow your sphere, Compton points to a few things that are working for him that will help you too:

  • Understand what a sphere looks like. You know people. And the people you know know people. Someone in your database is going to know someone who is buying or selling soon.
  • Start small and work big. Work with people you know and like and it will have a domino effect.
  • Dig into the three key areas of your lead generation model, beginning on page 137 of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.
  • Make a plan for a 36 to Convert.
  • Leverage your market center. For anything you need to know or want help with, there’s likely someone doing it well a few doors away.
  • Find a way to continue providing value after the sale. Compton uses a one-month, one-year approach. When a client has been in their home for a month, Compton stops by to see what they’ve done with the place and to see if they need help sourcing contractors. At a year, Compton congratulates them on their anniversary and takes their pulse for future moves.

Looking for more business-building tips?

  • Make sure to tune into weekly CGI Calls (Monday: 1:00 pm CT) with  John Davis. Ask your leadership how you can be part of the call. 
  • Listen to previous call recordings where agents share all. 

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