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Aug 10, 2016 5:51:28 PM

Value Economy

Technology is a great way for agents to leverage their resources and time to add value for their clients. Best of all, technology can be used in all stages of working with clients, from online lead generation and marketing to updates during the contract period to well after the transaction closes.JP Lewis, executive director of media services at Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI), spoke with panelists Tristan Ahumada, Nick Baldwin of Lab Coat Agents, and Keller Williams associate Carissa Acker about how agents can leverage technology to “add value” for their client and potential clients before, during and after the transaction.


Pre-transaction – Lead generation and marketing

Carissa builds marketing content on her website and uses the traffic her content drives to reverse prospect. Reverse prospecting is a valuable tool in a listing presentation because it shows sellers exactly how many buyers in a specific market could be interested in buying a home like theirs.

“If it’s not unique, who cares?”

She stressed the importance of being different and unique online to market a business on Facebook and social media.

Nick utilizes Facebook in lead generation and marketing, creating live Facebook feeds at open houses, farming specific areas and posting sponsored ads. In targeting expired listings and FSBOs, upload info that caters to specific people in a certain area. Each area needs its own content because “not one size fits all.”

Photos and videos of agents hiking up nearby cliffs, biking down local trails and swimming in the nearest watering hole proves to potential clients that they are the “local resource of events.”

Rather than asking for the business, agents can more effectively show potential clients the information and how they market: a nonpressurized way to ask for business.

Tristan encourages agents to “be mayors of your town” in terms of real estate. By focusing on Facebook in a small region, you as an agent will show up on locals’ feeds, generating upward of 30,000 views. It’s such an effective way to brand yourself as an area expert. And agents aren’t limited to just people in community seeing these posts. They can market internationally for $50 on Facebook, which allows people overseas to see a client’s home.

He also shares a special “touch” to lock down a listing agreement. Right after a listing agreement, make a video for sellers with any additional information and a final thank-you. This helps increase your touches and almost always gets an immediate response from the seller.

During the transaction – Customer experience

Carissa was the first agent in her town to host a “handbag” party, an event that not only received an overwhelming amount of social media buzz for weeks, but generated leads before, during and well after the event.

She built excitement every week by releasing a different handbag that would be at the party. And as an encouragement for her attendees to bring her leads, she asked for referrals in return for more BINGO cards and for her friends to bring guests.

“Don’t have an event just to have an event.” Carissa stressed the fact that you won’t get leads unless you ask for them.

Tristan enhances the customer experience by sending autoemails to let clients know what he’s done. For example, after he’s completed the 3D tour, he’ll send it to his clients via text and let them share it with their friends.

Post transaction – Build personal relationships

Nick not only sends his clients custom greeting cards after closing, but friends them on Facebook because he believes that is where the real connection is. This way he can keep them up-to-date on personal events and wish them “Happy Birthday.” He goes one step beyond and sponsors a birthday post for each of his clients on Facebook, which brings the “wow factor” to his customer experience.

Carissa sends everyone in her database a semiannual newsletter to let them feel like they know you and engage with you.

“Tiny moments make you a real person,” Tristan said. Something as simple as a video of his child saying “Happy Thanksgiving” on his website helps strengthen those personal connections.  




Now in the words of JP Lewis, “Go out there and tell your story.”

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