What Happened in Vegas Doesn’t Stay in Vegas

Feb 24, 2017 2:01:24 PM


You are back from Family Reunion and feeling jazzed about the people you met and the information you learned. You have 5 million ideas to implement, a to-do list of client needs and a stack of business cards from your favorite KW family members.

Let’s be real: you also have post-trip laundry, kids and spouses who need attention and chores that were neglected while you were learning in Vegas. When daunted, it’s easy to toss the business cards in the trash and have one fewer thing looming over your head. Don’t do it! Holly Priestner, Vice President of Keller Williams Realty International, shares why what happened in Vegas does not have to stay in Vegas!

“One of the best things about being part of Keller Williams is the largest network of real estate professionals who think like you do,” says Priestner. “Who would you rather refer business to or learn from than the people you met at Family Reunion? On the flip side, don’t you want to receive referrals in return?” Here are a few quick tips for your post-Family Reunion networking follow-up.


Be Social

Keep in touch and stay top of mind by connecting with your new contacts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and other social channels. A “like,” retweet or comment will keep you in the networking game – even from afar. More importantly, follow your connections on KWConnect. Join the KWConnect conversation at a high level by posting videos and links to your favorite articles.


Digitize Your Business Card Collection

The dreaded stack of business cards does not have to be a dread. Gary teaches us to leverage – technology is your leverage. Check out these tips from PCWorld on how to digitize business cards. Transfer these contacts to your phone and your database.


Use Your Database

Your database is not just for clients, it’s for your Keller Williams family too. Add a tag or bucket for KW referrals for all of your new connections. Create a monthly touch campaign for your family members from afar that includes fun tips about your city, a recap of aha’s from your last Keller Williams training or updates about your business. You will be top of mind when one of your contacts has a client moving to your city.


Make the effort to stay connected! Mega Camp isn’t far away and you don’t want to recreate the wheel; you want to reinforce the bonds you made at Family Reunion that shouldn’t stay in Vegas!

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