Why Your Team Needs Millennials

Mar 6, 2017 7:00:00 AM

Young Talent

More than any generation before them, millennials have been branded with a bum rap, and for hard-working 20-somethings, it's a hard rap to shake. Thankfully, they have an advocate in KW associate John Newman, an agent in the Millersville, Md. market center and a KW Kids Can instructor.

Newman's involvement with the KW Kids Can nonprofit gives him the opportunity to combine two of his biggest passions; educating young adults using the Quantum Leap (QL) curriculum and growing his business.

“QL was a natural fit because it gave me the materials to take my passion to a higher level," he says.

Over the years, Newman has mentored many young adults, including co-instructor and KW agent Brentin Hess.

"My favorite part of QL is the way I co-teach it with Brentin," Newman says. "I'm a 44-year-old professional with three kids, while Brentin is the young adults' age. I'm the old guy with the wisdom, and he's the young guy who can communicate with the target audience. What's evolving from QL is an entire community of young adults who are working together and making business plans. Watching that happen is amazing," Newman says.

As students become empowered by QL, they often take the course a second, third or even eighth time. Newman notices these go-getters. He has even hired five to join his team so that he can continue to mentor them as they get started in the world of working professionals.

"When people come through QL and their eyes light up, you know they're committed to living a bigger life," he says. "I see what their dreams are, what's holding them back and can quickly tell if my vision is in alignment with theirs."

It's also why Newman encourages others to give both QL and millennials a chance.

"The millennial generation is the largest segment of our country's population, but the smallest percentage of people in our industry," he says.

Millennials are also the fastest-growing generation in the U.S. workforce. At 79.8 million strong in the United States, millennials reflect an unprecedented level of diversity and hold more college degrees than any previous generation, making their contribution to the workforce wholly unique and largely purpose-driven. This is part of why Newman believes they are such strong assets on any real estate team.


"You hear that these young kids don't know how to communicate, but they do know how," he continues. "They just do it in a different medium, and if you're not communicating at that level, you're missing out on huge opportunities in your business."


To learn more about KW Kids Can and their QL program, visit www.kwkc.org

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