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Aug 25, 2017 1:42:15 PM

When Mario DiLorenzo’s clients open their inbox or mailbox, they know they have a special message waiting for them.

The Chicago-based agent began sending his clients personalized messages after joining Keller Williams in 2015. In just two years, DiLorenzo has more than doubled his business by learning from those who have gone before him, picking up the tools from the Career Growth Initiative and implementing the 36 to Convert program, formerly 33 Touch. The philosophy is 36 client touches each year can exponentially increase an agent’s business and help them capture more money that is being left on the table.   

By following the main principles of the 36 to Convert “with a twist,” DiLorenzo will have touched his database, composed of 724 Met contacts, over 26,000 times by the end of the year. Nearly half of the touches will be personalized:   

  • 8,688 personalized video messages
  • 1,448 client appreciation events
  • 1,448 letters from the heart
  • 1,448 handwritten notes

“The results have been tremendous,” DiLorenzo proclaims. “The fanfare and response I’ve received from my clients has been awesome.”

With 85 percent of his business coming from his database and a goal of 75 units by the end of the year, every message matters. See how DiLorenzo has added a special touch to every message and is staying top of mind with his database.

Client Appreciation Events – Two per Year

IMG_4192.jpgPrior to the 36 to Convert, DiLorenzo had shied away from hosting client appreciation events because of the planning commitment and perceived costs. But after hosting a pool party at a local gym for his clients, he’d never go back.  

“If I could have replaced sending generic postcards to do this twice a year, I would have done it in a heartbeat,” he says.

The event was valuable for the touches it generated for the whole database, DiLorenzo explains.   

“We had 40 to 50 people attend, but after everyone in the database gets invited and those who attend are thanked, that’s 774 touches! Plus, after we posted the pictures of the event on social media, I had people contact me that they were sorry they couldn’t make it.”

Since DiLorenzo leveraged his partnerships with vendors, the event was very affordable.

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Letters from the Heart – Two per Year

Letter from the Heart

Twice a year, DiLorenzo sends his database what he calls “letters from the heart,” an idea he borrowed from a friend who works in the sales industry.

“The letters are similar to those you’d receive from your family or friends during the holidays,” DiLorenzo shares. ”They don’t include anything about real estate or Keller Williams. I simply write about what’s been going on in my life for the past six months. I send them so my clients can see me as a person with a wife of 11 years and kids, not just a REALTOR.”

The letters are valuable for the conversations they create.

“When I connect with my clients after their letter, they’ll ask about vacations I’ve taken or my kids. They relate to me.”

They also provide the perfect icebreaker and help decrease the anxiety and fear that can come with making phone calls.

“When I started in real estate, the biggest fear I had was calling people. What would I talk about? After implementing the letters from the heart, my phone conversations became warmer, especially with people I hadn’t talked to in a while. Instead of me trying to constantly ask questions, clients would ask me questions.”

Download DiLorenzo's Latest Letter from the Heart

Handwritten Notes – Two per Year


When DiLorenzo arrives to his office, he has a stack of blank notecards with pre-addressed envelopes on his desk (thanks to his director of operations). He begins writing a personalized message to each person on the list with a brief opener, depending on the time of year, and concludes each with a reminder that he is there to support them in any way he can.

“If it’s back-to-school time and they have kids, I may mention that, or if it’s Thanksgiving, I’ll let them know how grateful I am for their business. At the end of the note, I always remind them that I am their resource for anything. Whether it’s a food suggestion, painter or attorney, don’t hesitate to call,” he says.

Personalized Video Messages – 12 per Year  

DiLorenzo has taken to digital to send his clients personalized video messages. Similar to the notes, the videos are always short, begin with a greeting and end with a call to action.  

“After a listing presentation, I will follow up with a video and say something like: It was great meeting with you both yesterday! Thank you for having me in your home. I really hope to have the opportunity to earn your business.

He’s been delighted to see his open rates increase with the addition of the video messages. For those who are interested in implementing this tactic, he recommends to keep the email subject line short and catchy (for example, “Watch My 19-Second Video”).

More than a Message

For DiLorenzo, the act of creating a special message for each client is about more than staying top of mind … it’s about giving.

“The most personal and genuine thing we can give our clients, or anyone, is our time. Videos, events, notes – all of these things take time to create, but when we go the extra mile, our clients know we care. The 36 to Convert helps you put your time in the right place.”

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