Part Two: Winning with Consumers in 2018 - Offer Unique Value

Apr 30, 2018 2:51:29 PM

Keller Williams agents across the country are building moats around their businesses with unique, value-added services. At the same time, they’re positioning Keller Williams as the brokerage of choice. In part one of our consumer series, we gave you a snapshot of today's consumers and spotlighted agent, Stephen Cohen who stays in touch with his database in a unique way. In part two, we will share another technique you should consider adding to your toolbox to WOW consumers. 


Consumer expectations are evolving and it seems that everyone has taken notice. Discount brokers and technology companies are spending billions of dollars in the real estate industry in an effort to woo the consumer and take a piece of the real estate transaction. While Keller Williams has in no uncertain terms stepped into the tech arena to innovate on behalf of the agent and their consumer, it’s making bold moves on many other fronts too. 

That’s because Keller Williams believes that no matter how great technology is, the future is still human. And the numbers prove it.

As NAR reported, 88 percent of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent. This number is higher than ever before and is proof that while the agent’s role is shifting, the value they offer with their hyper-local insight and expertise remains.

That’s where Keller Mortgage comes in. By offering a way for associates to help save their clients thousands of dollars without sacrificing any of their commission, Keller Mortgage is an innovative way to create significant value for consumers while keeping the agent at the heart of the transaction. 

Just ask Peg Braxton of the Lake Travis market center.

After wowing a millennial client with Keller Mortgage, Braxton is sold on the service. It’s one that delivers incredible value to customers, she says.

It was 5 p.m. on a Friday, and Braxton’s new millennial client in Austin needed to apply for a loan. Braxton walked up to her office administrator. “Tell me about Keller Mortgage. How do I use it?” After a mini-crash course, she called her buyer, brought him into her Lake Travis office, and an hour later he had completed his application online.

With pre-approval offered through the KW home search app, it was simple and quick. The client later went on to close on a new home with a loan from Keller Mortgage. Not only did he get a competitive interest rate, but he also got cash back on the deal. Braxton, 78, who calls herself “the old dog in the market” was impressed. She now uses Keller Mortgage to help other new clients secure a loan.

“No other lender can do this,” Braxton says. “Our rates our comparable, if not better. And, the total package is just better for the buyer, period. This is such an advantage.”

Plugging into Keller Mortgage is another great way to stand out from your competitors and add value for consumers who are looking to buy. The tool offers consumer savings and exclusive benefits to KW associates and their clients without sacrificing any associate commission. When a home loan amount exceeds $150,000, the consumer gets a $1,000 credit toward third-party costs.

Making the loan application process easier for consumers, Keller Mortgage loan officers are available seven days a week outside of usual business hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and they have an approximate inquiry response time of just two minutes.

Other KW agents have found Keller Mortgage has given their buyers a valuable leg up in a multiple offer situation. That’s because their buyers can take the closing costs they would be paying with another lender and secure the offer.

Keller Mortgage can also be used to engage with prospects not currently in the market to buy a home. Those consumers, who may have a high interest rate on an existing home loan, can refinance with zero closing costs and credit through Keller Mortgage.

Braxton said her young buyer walked away impressed with Keller Mortgage’s up-to-date technology. All agents should give Keller Mortgage a go, she says, even if they might typically shy away from new technology. “It was very user friendly,” Braxton reflects. “If I could do it, anyone could.”

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Written by: Deborah Blumberg 

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