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Get Excited! Three Ways to Increase Your Profit

Expense Management

Want to know how to become a successful real estate agent and grow your true profit? True profit is the cash left in your pocket after everything and everyone relating to your business is paid off like expenses and taxes. It’s the actual money you have remaining to pay yourself - and you could be earning more!

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Be a Leader People Want to Grow With


As many people recognize National Boss’ Day this week, it is a good time to have a discussion about what makes a great leader. At Mega Leadership Camp 2015, Mary Tennant said to attendees, “You cannot be a great leader from 8 - 5 and then be a poor example of a human being on the weekends. You’ve gotta walk your walk and talk your talk.” Here are some expert leadership skills to help you take your leadership skills to the next level.

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Are You Smarter Than Your Home? Smart-Home Technology

Topics: Technology

Recap: KW Commercial Retreat 2016

Topics: Commercial Real Estate, KWCommercial

90 Days to More Leads

Topics: Lead Generation, Lead Generation Tips, real estate agent tips

16 Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents

Topics: Expense Management, Profit Dash

Bringing Light Into Darkness

Topics: KWKC, Quantum Leap,, QL

Strong Commitment to Community Service

Topics: Culture

Simple Can Be Great

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And Action! What you Need to Know About Facebook Live

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Fluent in Success

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Seeing the Shift

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Tools For Growing Globally

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