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What do painting and real estate have in common?

Throughout all of Mega Agent Camp, Gary is sharing the stage with Pat Matthews, an Arkansas artist who completes one painting a DAY! Pat has been honing his skill for the past seven years, and in that time has sold almost EVERY one of his paintings – an almost unheard of feat in the world of art.

Gary chatted with Pat about his journey to mastery. “It came through doing a thousand paintings.  When I teach people to paint, I tell them to do two hundred paintings and then come back and we’ll talk about painting.  You can’t just do it. You have to do it over and over again…”

Sound a little familiar?

Pat will be completeing three paintings by noon tomorrow to sell, with proceeds going to KW Cares.  Click here to see more from Pat Matthews.

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5 comments on “What do painting and real estate have in common?
  1. Pat is amazing – the penny really dropped for me as Gary interviewed him. Pat has such amazing discipline and has grown his skill by sharing knowledge with the top people in his field. A great inspiration!

  2. Tony Hanggie says:

    You first must start with the medium…your clients. Then you work on the basics of the picture…what your clients “really” want in a home – peel back the onion. You then rough draw the picture at the buyer’s consultation and your first showings. As you put the paint on the canvas, you are seeing your clients eyes light up as their dream home is visualized and identified. You find tune the painting with color to depict the escrow, loan and inspections process. As the painting comes to life, you get the word from the title company that it is a closed transaction. Hanging the picture on the wall is like handing the keys to a first time buyer with that priceless smile of a dream come true… When you visit your clients home a few months later, you see that the picture hanging on the wall as you enter their “home” is a priceless piece of art and you are their Realtor for life! That is Real Estate and why we are lucky enough to be helping others buy and sell the most valued asset of their lives!

  3. Isn’t it amazing that every one who is successful has accomplished it by being hyper focused on one thing for a long time! Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers talks about this in length and it is SO encouraging!!! Focus+Time=Success

  4. Teresa Trott Emery says:

    Thank you for allowing those who couldn’t attend, a view into the programs and excitment MEGA CAMP OFFERS!

  5. The point I got from Gary’s discussion with Pat Matthews is the fact that whatever line of work you’re in, you create a masterpiece every day.

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