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The Social Media Gold Rush of 2009


Where were you on June 13 at 11:00 pm? Me? I was glued to my MacBook with a Red Bull in hand scared to death. Facebook was about to open up vanity URLs to the public and I wanted Keller Williams Realty-bad.  This was serious. As the seconds ticked away, I got more and more anxious, then as the clock turned to 11:01 central time, I went for it, and at that moment I completely forgot how to spell Keller. I think it was the fear of actually spelling it wrong and having to explain to someone why I forgot how to spell my company’s name. I mean, what if I had to tell Gary!? Well, luckily I got it right. In the first hour, I was one of one million people that reserved a vanity URL. With 550 vanity URLs registered per second, I am thankful that I was able to secure one for KW, as well as my own.

Cut to a little over a week later at 5:30 a.m. and I was sitting in line outside of Apple. Yep, it was time for the newest iPhone. Faster! Video! 3GS! How could I miss out on this opportunity? The store didn’t open until 7 a.m. but there were a lot of people in front of me. What if I didn’t get one I thought? Last year, I hadn’t planned as far in advance and got the last one. It was a close call then, so I prayed that the same wouldn’t happen again. As Apple store employees brought out coffee, water and doughnuts, I knew that this would be something I would face until they stop coming out with new iPhones. But, it is Apple, of course they will come out with a new one every year. As each person walked out with theirs and they cheered it brought a smile to my face. Although ridiculous, part of me was envious. I got the new iPhone and it didn’t disappoint, but no, I didn’t cheer.

Then came Google Wave rumors. Twitter verified accounts. Changes to Facebook feeds. Google Wave launch. Twitter lists. Twitter Retweet Beta. Google social search. My invite to Google Wave-finally! The list goes on and on. Each time something new releases, I feel the joy and excitement equal to opening a present. Will I like it, what will it be and will I put it aside to play with my other toys? Whether you are new to social media or an old pro, we all had these moments this year. Maybe you just set up your brand new Twitter account, or maybe you maxed out on friends on Facebook and started a fan page, 2009 was our year to get connected. And, as the 2010 rolls in this week, I look forward to exploring the potential of my next new gadget or the next blog.

What was your big social media moment this year? What do think will be big in social media in 2010?

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8 comments on “The Social Media Gold Rush of 2009
  1. Facebook has become my 33 touch. It is the best way to stay in constant contact with my SOI. The amount of leads generated is astounding.
    Big in ’10? Hard to say, but I think twitter has peaked, while Facebook will continue to expand. I am waiting to see a more interactive “group” software in either Facebook or some such. I have some email threads going with some specific groups of people within Facebook but it’s clumsy at best.

    Eric Benjamin

  2. I believe social media is here to stay and I was excited to get as our fanpage. I can say that a key to social media is to manage the time you invest in it a keep an eye on the result you generate from it. I believe that the real time internet trends are a great opportunity and going forward website are going to evolve into actual retail spaces. Fully interactive (with a live chat solution) in order to help connect with your prospective clients while they are looking you up!

  3. Brad Burger says:

    It amazes me that social media has taken off the way that it has. The biggest advantage that I have seen is the ease in which knowledge can be gained, and shared. Not only can we connect with more people than ever before, we also get to see what is working for other Real Estate professionals. This helps us design our plan, learn and grow, and achieve a greater level of success. (and have some fun along the way!)

  4. John Pohly says:

    On a recommendation from this blog, I read the book, Crush It! by Gary Vaynerchuck. While it did not give a lot of technical info on setting up a video blog, it was a great message for mixing your passion (real estate for must of us) into a social media and video format.

    This month I will be changing into a video blog. I am betting that video will increase my conversion rates on the website. It worked for Gary V!

    I also set up a Fan Page for BuilderCoupon on Facebook, this way – I am not spamming friends and family with my irresistibe real estate marketing updates :)

  5. Joe Loomer says:

    Gotta go with what Eric said – it’s a wonderful touch-tool. Just last week I recruited my first facebook agent, and it snowballed into three more before the week’s end. If used the way smarter people than me teach, it can become a powerful portion of your marketing effort. I suggest the mastermind panel video on soical media from megatech camp 2009 on kwconnect.

  6. Joe Loomer says:

    meant to add congratulations to Mary Tennant! One of Inman News “100 Most Influential” Real Estate Leaders for 2009!!

  7. The only problem with getting a vanity URL is a lot of people are getting them for their profile and not for the fan page. Which is a bad choice because google does not index profiles and does index fan pages. You can also sell a fan page (think retirement and selling your data base)

    PS: Fan my page and I will Fan you back. This will also give your page and mine more exposure by the way.

  8. Jeff Link says:

    I just reached 25 fans on my Facebook fan page and got my new keyword rich vanity URL. If you notice from my first post the old URL had all those numbers. That made it look ugly in print advertising. A Facebook fan page is a must and every agent should have one along with a Twitter and Youtube account.

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