The Gift of Leadership

Feb 21, 2010 11:41:01 AM

MarkMaryMoWhat makes a great leader? Today we sat in the audience as Mark, Mary and Mo spoke about the role of the ALC in leadership of the Market Center, and ultimately in the success of every associate with that Market Center.

Their presentation was focused on what they refer to as the “gift” of being on the ALC, and this immediately reminded us that the three people on stage have all been there. They’ve been agents, ALC members, Team Leaders, and they know what each person in the room faces on a daily basis. They know what they’re talking about.

If I had to pick an overriding theme to their message, it was the idea of personal leadership as the keystone to leading others. As Mark put it so succinctly, “personal growth leads to effective leadership. The toughest person to lead, is yourself. The better you do in your own business, the more you succeed, the more the Market Center succeeds.”

Talk about an accountability session. How often do you get to sit down with three leaders of this caliber, for an hour, and really get to engage in a workshop on leadership?

It was an incredible kick-off, and if you’re an ALC member, I hope you were there. If not, you know where to be next year. After all, leadership starts with yourself.