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State of the Company – YOU are Shining Stars!


The good news of 2009 and goals for 2010 were greeted with triumphant roars Monday morning, as Mark Willis, CEO, reviewed a range of accolades and key industry rankings. “You’ve shifted and we’re a whole lot more than alright. You’ve emerged as the shining stars of the real estate industry!”

Among the goals for 2010 and beyond, Willis announced the beginning of Keller Williams Realty’s long-term vision to go global. “We expect our first overseas launch to occur sometime in 2011,” said Willis, “And our vision is that outside North America we will be as large as inside North America.”

Looking forward to 2010, Willis also announced the following goals:

  • 82,000 associates
  • 720 market centers
  • $36 million in profit share
  • More than 500 new mega agents
  • More than 200 mergers
  • 100+ new team leaders for our new and transitioning market centers
  • 1,000+ new KW Commercial associates
  • 200+ new Luxury Homes by Keller Williams associates

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13 comments on “State of the Company – YOU are Shining Stars!
  1. Important highlights – we are number one in all areas except for amount of agents. We are not far behind in amount of agents and can easlily meet the goals set for us for 2011. We have been recognized by and rated by all important companies that rate real estate companies and JD Powers said we are the “Crown Prince” of real estate. We are the number one rated company for name recognition and out of the top rated companies we are the only company that had an increase in amount of agents added where the others had a negative result in net agents. More agents left the other companies than those who joined. We are number one in sales and many other top ratings and our culture stands out amoung all other top real estate companies. We are so proud to be connected with such a strong company that has no debt!

  2. a.e.poledri, jr. says:

    For those who have just joined the real estate business or for those that are veterans in the business; I can only say that the State of the Company address will jump-start your new career or re-energize your existing involment in the business.
    It is a must watch if your serious about your business and if your serious about your affliation with this company.

    God Bless Keller-Williams

  3. Scott Parks says:

    I’m so proud and honored to be part of an amazing company and see they have great goals. Being debt free is one of a kind thing in the corporate world and is wonderful.
    Wish I could have been there this year but will be there next year for sure. Enjoy everyone and lets make 2010 best ever.

    Scott Parks – Brentwood, CA

  4. Amy Heflin says:

    This State of the Company report reminds all KW agents across the continent that you’re partnered with the right people, the best model, the right dynamics moving forward into the next decade. We ALL perfectly positioned to make great gains in our markets and have our highest-earning, most-rewarding years ahead of us. Great job, KW agents!

  5. Amy Heflin says:

    This report reminds all KW agents across the continent that we’re partnered with the right people and the best model (by a long shot) moving into the next decade. The culture just works, plain and simple, and it’s a recipe for every KW agent to gain great market share this year — and have our best,
    most-satisfying and most-profitable years ahead of us.

  6. PJ Stratford says:

    Keller Williams leadership does it again! More than ever I know I am in the right company, with the right people, with the best leadership in the industry. Meeting the agent growth goals benefits every one of us with our unique profit share opportunity. I’m going to share this State of the Company information with agents from every other company. Everyone wants to belong to a great team, the best team, and we have it. Invite them all!

  7. This is my first Family Reunion and I can’t tell everyone how blessed I have been by attending this event. I was honored by meeting Mo Anderson, in person,
    and received an award as a “Cultural Ambassador” from my fellow agents for Northern Florida. Although I have been a realtor for years, I have to emphasize that this is the best training, best networking and most rewarding experience I’ve ever experienced.

  8. I have only been with Keller Williams Realty for a few short weeks. I am absolutely thrilled with the decision to join this wonderful team of agents. I have only been a REALTOR for a few years and only wish that I had started my career with Keller Williams Realty!
    Family Reunion was such an awesome experience for me. The leadership and training is so much more than I expected.
    I look forward to growing my business and being a part of the Keller Williams team for many years to come!
    Thank You!!

  9. Kathy Shalosky says:

    Congratulations, Mary Jo! We’re proud of you in Tampa!

    As a new agent, it’s great to hear what a wonderful company I’m working with–and it’s not just lip service. The training is unmatchable and the people couldn’t be more supportive. GO KW!

  10. Carol VanAusdal says:

    I loved the video where we painted the world red. I can’t wait to make my first referral in Tuscany!

  11. I got dibs on China for my downline!

  12. How blessed we are to work for the best leaders, and the best company in America! Being part of our KW family for almost 5 years, this was my first family reunion. To see the depth of integrity, vision, care, love, support, success, and wisdom… from the top on down…that exists in this rare and special company left me beyond words. How blessed I feel, and will be taking my business to the next levels. May each of you reach new levels. And I can ever be of assistance here in Dallas, please let me know.

    Oh… does anybody know how to get a copy of the KW FACTS powerpoint slide, with all the record numbers and KW successes that Mark Willis presented in the State of the Company address?

    Many thanks, and best of everything! Laurie

  13. Tye Caldwell says:

    The feeling that was generated by my attendance at my first KWFR is virtually indescribable. I wish I had $5 for everytime I felt a chill down my spine or felt truly touched. I was forwarned by my colleagues but I didn’t have a clue. I knew this was a good company but I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of it all. I’m not easily impressed but I feel truly blessed to be in business with such a caring, sharing organization. After I retired from the military in ’08 I missed the comraderie, team building and cohesion. I’m fortunate to have began my career with KW @3 years ago and not have to “find my way there.” I doubt there is any company that remotely rivals this companys culture in the corporate sector. I’m inspired, energized and striving for new heights. Make your WANTU larger than any potential obstacles, place God first and your business will explode. Trust me!

    Let me know if I can be of assistance in Augusta GA. Good luck and God bless you all.


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    Whenever I meet a blogger like you, I become totally engrossed in the posts. You have held my interest and helped me pass an afternoon; not only educational and informative, but, fun too!…

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