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Don’t talk about it. BE about it.

KevinCarroll_MAT9776“Never underestimate the transformative power of a ball,” Kevin Carroll asserted during this morning’s keynote address.

The founder of Kevin Carroll Katalyst LLC, and a renowned author, speaker and agent for social change, Carroll captivated attendees with his compelling life story that began with a “dysfunctional, nomadic childhood” and abandonment by two drug-abusing parents. Salvation bounced into Carroll’s life at the age of 6, when he found a red rubber ball in an abandoned lot. After playing alone for a few hours, he heard “the words that changed my life: ‘You want to play with us?’”

Carroll says he’s been chasing his “Red Rubber Ball” ever since and encouraged attendees to do the same. Carroll challenged attendees, “What’s your red rubber ball? What gets you so excited every day that you can’t wait to start chasing it?”

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30 comments on “Don’t talk about it. BE about it.
  1. Brian Frere says:

    Kevin was great… He really stands for the importance of today and enjoying what you do each day.

  2. Amy Walsh says:

    What an amazing, inspirational person! Thank you Kevin for sharing your life with us!

  3. Wow… can’t think of a better way to start the day in New Orleans. I will remember it’s not just the big things, but small events can change lives. Wish my kids could have been here to hear Kevin.

  4. I got to meet him at the Airport! He is a true inspiration! Nice guy too! Thank you “Little Fast Kid!”

  5. Chas Leon says:

    Now that’s an inspiritional message, a real life “aha” moment that resulted in the “butterfly effect” taking hold.

  6. Keven was fantastic. You know how you intend on doing thing but you never get around to doing them? I went home and took the morning writing a letter to my 7 brothers and sisters about that I had intended on writing for several years. Thank you very much for the inspiration.

  7. Thank you ” LITTLE FAST KID”….what a treat Kevin was ! You have inspired me to take action on projects I would love to accomplish “AHA” I will learn to fully appreciate those 86,400 seconds of every day !

  8. It is difficult to stay properly focused at times but it ‘must’ be done in order to succeed. We must think out of the box embrace the new technology that is out there and most of all be consistent. My compliments to you for achieving what you have via sheer determination…

  9. Kevin is energy, inspiration and fun all wrapped up in a big red ball. When I grow up I want to be a lot like him.

  10. dj says:

    The best part was the “want to”. “Can’t get nowhere with a broke want to” said Popop.

  11. Amber McGill says:

    I loved Kevin Carroll! The hardship him and his two brothers went through when they were young was sad. The red ball was significant and also the ah-ha in Kevin’s life, being invited to play kick ball, soccer, baseball, etc. from a team of kids that he didn’t know after playing kick ball in the park by himself.
    Becoming the Katalyst for Nike because they needed someone to motivate and inspire employees in different departments they opened up a job description just for Kevin.
    Wow!! You’ve come a long way, Kevin! Congratulations!!!!

  12. “We see your “glory”, but we didn’t know your “story”! God’s speed.

  13. “Ordinary will not change the world.” Thank you Kevin Carroll for showing us that extraordinary is just a few bounces away. We are blessed each day to be “above it ” and not “below it”–we need to grab the rubber ball and be ready to play!

  14. Thank you Kevin for showing us to live our lives with a mindset that our circumstances can not dictate our destiny. We must get up every day and check our “want to”. I loved that!!!! I have my little red ball on my desk hutch as a reminder and inspiration. Thanks again!

  15. Debi York says:

    This “little fast kid” made an everlasting impression on my life. Kevin Carroll is amazing. I have never been so inspired to leave behind my life of mediocrity to face exciting challenges! What a powerful presentation!!! If he could play his way to success, we all can! Thank you

  16. Martha Tatum says:

    Kevin was amazing! What an inspiration. I came home and talked to my 11 year old son about checking his “want to”. We will check our “want to” every morning, because ordinary will not change the world.

  17. Thank you Keven Carroll for an inspirational speech you gave us at the Annual Keller Williams Realty Convention. “Don’t talk about it, be about it”. Loved that. I also am a believer of “Why Not”…you are so right, why not!! I will always think of you when I look at my Red Rubber Ball on my desk.

  18. Ginny Moore says:

    Wow…was he inspirational!! Not only that but entertaining to boot. He exemplifies a life lived to the fullest and examined in order to be the best! We have some much more we could all accomplish if we would only quit talking about it and “BE about it!” Thank you Kevin!

  19. Kari Reed says:

    Thank you K W Technology Department for putting Kevin’s speech on the intranet!!! We, mistakenly, took the city tour on Tuesday morning. The comments about the “experience of Kevin” had me concerned that we had missed it entirely. Lesson learned – come a day early to Family Reunion to see the city – NEVER miss one of the events!

  20. Thank you Keller Williams for the truly special Keynote speaker. As he spoke I could see that scared little nine year old boy facing the insecurities and overcoming the challenges that we all face during our evolution from childhood to adulthood. Kevin Carol’s story is truly inspiring.

  21. Kevin,
    What an amazing message you had for all of us! I was in tears hearing you describe your childhood and laughing as your new friend asked you to share a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! So many messages that will inspire me forever. I wish my family could have been there to hear you as well. I will just have to retell it the best I can! I will move forward thinking “Why not!”, instead of “I can’t”. Thank you!!

  22. What an inspiration you are to many. You have proven that we all make choices – those choices to grow or those choices to blame and not grow. Thank you for reminding us all we have choices to grow and “get our shine on”!

  23. Marie Leaner says:

    The “Little Fast Kid” walked his talk when he handed those big red balls to the KW associates from New Orleans. Ad then we all were treated to little red balls. What fun he created in the halls of the Convention Center with those balls. So many grownups at play. Loved it. His message, in essence: BE, DO, HAVE. Thank you Little Fast Kid; thank you KW.

  24. Liz Ross says:

    Kevin was Amazing!!!!

  25. Robin Consor says:

    After Kevin’s speech, I was walking out with my productivity coach, and we were talking about putting more play in our daily routine. All of a sudden, a KW agent tossed me a red rubber ball. That was truly Kevin’s message, “don’t talk about it, be about it.” That simple gesture embodies our culture and I will be forever grateful for this profound message.
    Thank you for sharing your life story, Kevin!

  26. Aileen Heck says:

    I have not been the same since I listened to Kevin’s speech. The statement about Ordinary will not Change the World is so true. Looking forward to share his statements with our market center today.

  27. Lissett Rojas says:

    A truly amazing and inspirational speaker!! His life really does show you that anything can be accomplished if you truly want it.
    Thank you Kevin!

  28. What a wonderful speaker this year! I was inspired by Kevin’s story – and in admiration of his journey. Thanks KW for a wonderful program.

  29. Steve Rider says:

    Very inspirational message. I wish I could have heard this 20 years ago! I love the “want to” portion. I’ve been using that since I got home!

  30. Andrea Echols-Bond says:

    I love it!!!!…and I’m ready to get my shine on.

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